Teen Mom OG: Tyler finds out his sister has relapsed and it triggers emotions about his dad

Tyler Baltierra on Teen Mom OG
Tyler Baltierra finds out his sister has relapsed Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG’s latest episode revealed that Tyler Baltierra’s sister, Amber Baltierra, had relapsed into her alcohol addiction.

This news was extremely difficult for Tyler to process, and it brought out emotions about his own father, Butch Baltierra.

The father of three opened up about the emotional harm that has come from the anger he’s continued to hold toward his father.

Tyler’s mother drops in to give the bad news

Amber moved to Texas over three years ago, so Tyler and Catelynn have not had a chance to catch up with her too often.

Tyler’s mother, Kim, visited their home for dinner, and she shared the unfortunate news of Amber’s relapse.

“She’s pretty distraught over her daughter not talking to her,” Kim explained.

Amber is the mother of two children; her son Jordan Josiah and her daughter Lexi.

Kim disclosed that Lexi discovered Amber had broken her sobriety by drinking beer and she was furious with her mother’s actions.

Tyler was completely shocked by the news.

Amber went into rehab and had been sober for over a year. Things seemed to be going well up until that point.

Tyler said he wanted his sister to focus on her sobriety, so she could get back to being a competent mother for her two children.

“Maybe that sounds selfish of me,” Tyler admitted. “I think she should indulge in happiness and stuff while she’s there.”

Tyler Baltierra gets emotional at the mention of his father

Kim made a connection between Amber’s actions and the actions of their father, Butch.

Kim said, “You probably asked the same questions about your dad. Like, ‘Why doesn’t he come around?'”

Longtime fans of Teen Mom OG can recall Butch’s struggle with addiction and his many stints in jail due to erratic behavior.

Amber looked to be following a similar path as her father. In 2019, she was charged with family violence after a dispute with her ex-boyfriend.

Tyler expressed that as a child, he always felt like something was wrong with him instead of their father. He didn’t consider Butch’s mental health issues which prevented him from being present with his family.

Tyler would often think to himself, “Why are you not putting me first?”

Catelynn sat quietly as Tyler expressed his emotions. He later posted to social media and said that Catelynn was “his rock” as he worked through those feelings.

Tyler and Catelynn talk through Amber’s decisions

While playing with their children, Catelynn and Tyler continued to discuss Amber’s decisions.

“How can you possibly not be around your kids, and when we had a dad that wasn’t around when we were kids?” Tyler asked in confusion.

He revealed his insecurities about being a good father to his own children since he never had an example to look up to.

Catelynn and Tyler recently announced that baby girl number four was on the way. Tyler’s insecurities have not stopped him from expanding their family.

As the season continues, fans anticipate that more family drama could be on the way.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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