Teen Mom OG: Ryan Edwards’ dad hits back at Maci Bookout, makes more excuses for son’s behavior

Larry Edwards blasts Maci Bookout
Larry Edwards blasts Maci Bookout and makes more excuses for Ryan’s behavior Pic credit: MTV

The drama has been heating up between Maci Bookout and the Edwards family.

The Teen Mom OG reunion was recently filmed and even though Ryan Edwards and his wife Mackenzie McKee refused to sit across from Maci Bookout and her husband Taylor McKinney to film a segment, Ryan’s parents agreed to it.

According to The Ashley, a source claimed the tension in the room between Jen and Larry Edwards and Maci and Taylor was obvious. Things reportedly became so heated between them that Taylor went off on the Edwards’ and called Ryan a “piece of s**t”.

He told them that Ryan should act more like he does when it comes to supporting Bentley. Maci and Taylor ended up storming off stage amid the argument.

Fans have often criticized Jen and Larry for enabling Ryan and constantly coming to his defense.

They’ve often made excuses for his behavior and his lack of involvement with Bentley and have blamed it on his battle with addiction.

Now, Larry has come to Ryan’s defense once again and is speaking out against Maci.

Larry slams Maci and makes more excuses for Ryan’s behavior

In an interview with The Sun, Larry described how Ryan did his best to remain calm while filming Teen Mom OG but felt that he couldn’t win with Maci no matter how he acted.

He said, “Ryan is so calm, even at the reunion. We can’t win, just keep kicking the dog eventually he will bite you and when he does you want to put him down.”

Recently, fans grew concerned that Ryan was doing drugs again based on the way he presented during last week’s episode. Many thought he looked high and worried that he was doing heroin again.

Larry confirmed that Ryan was “doing just fine.”

He said, “Do you think if anything had or would happen they wouldn’t have already exposed it?”

Taylor defends Maci as Bentley starts making his own decisions

Following their blowout at the reunion, Taylor spoke to The Hollywood Gossip to elaborate more on the reunion fight with Jen and Larry.

He made it clear that he would always defend his wife and his children and wouldn’t tolerate anyone coming after them.

He said, “You’ll have to see the reunion play out on TV but one thing I am always going to do is stand up for my wife and kids…you come for my wife and kids? I’m coming for you.” 

During the current season, Bentley decided he no longer wanted to be around Ryan until he agreed to go to therapy together. Ryan’s family blamed Maci for his decision even though Maci insisted Bentley was able to think for himself.

Bentley attended a birthday party for his brother Jagger and said that Ryan hardly spoke to him the entire time. Later, Mackenzie replied to a fan comment on Instagram and implied that Bentley wasn’t being truthful with his claim.

Mackenzie shared a picture of Bentley with his half-siblings and fans accused her of being fake.

One fan in particular said, “The fact that you really posted this picture knowing that y’all didn’t even speak to Bentley the whole time he was there is sad.”

Mackenzie responded and said, “The fact you honestly believe that is very sad.”

Mackenzie’s comment led Maci to blast her on Twitter and accused her of being brave to talk about her son on the computer but not brave enough to face her at the reunion.

It’s clear from Larry’s recent statement that the drama between the two families is far from over. The Edwards family continues to speak out against Maci as she and her husband defend their family.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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