Teen Mom OG: Mackenzie Edwards plans to confront Maci Bookout and hash out their issues

Maci Bookout and Mackenzie Edwards on Teen Mom OG
Mackenzie Edwards is trying to get Maci Bookout to meet up face-to-face to hash out their issues Pic credit: MTV

The feud between Maci Bookout and Mackenzie Edwards on Teen Mom OG has been heating up lately.

Maci has been at odds with the entire Edwards family as Bentley has started to make his own decisions about spending time with his father, Ryan Edwards.

Bentley requested that he not spend time with Ryan until they attended therapy together.

Jen and Larry, Ryan’s parents, have had a lot to say about the lack of time they spend with Bentley and have blamed Maci for the entire situation. Rather than holding their son accountable for the part he’s played, they often make excuses for his behavior and feel that Maci has been too hard on him.

Mackenzie and Ryan have made derogatory comments toward Maci during the last couple of episodes. They’ve referred to her as “petty” and an “evil b***h”.

Maci called out Mackenzie and Ryan on social media for the comments they’ve made about her and she has admitted that her patience is running thin.

Maci questions Ryan and Mackenzie's intelligence
Maci questions Ryan and Mackenzie’s intelligence Pic credit: @MaciBookout/Twitter
Maci claps back after Mackenzie calls her 'petty' for the second time
Maci claps back after Mackenzie calls her ‘petty’ for the second time Pic credit: @MaciBookout/Twitter
Maci tells followers her patience is running thin.
Maci tells followers her patience is running thin. Pic credit: @MaciBookout/Twitter

Maci has insisted that Bentley has made his own decisions about who he spends his time with, and she does not influence him one way or the other.

Mackenzie and Ryan reportedly had an opportunity to come face to face with Maci when they filmed this season’s Teen Mom OG reunion, but they both refused to be on stage with her.

Now it looks like Mackenzie’s had a change of heart. She’s reportedly been speaking with producers to arrange a sit-down with Maci.

Mackenzie plans to confront Maci in person

The Ashley reported that Teen Mom OG producers have attempted to get Mackenzie and Maci to sit down and talk through their differences.

The idea was allegedly Mackenzie’s and she hoped to clear the air with Maci once and for all.

Recently, Maci called Mackenzie out for not wanting to face her at the Teen Mom OG reunion.

Despite being upset that Mackenzie continued to be bold on social media instead of talking to her face, Maci has been unwilling to respond to Mackenzie and the producers.

A source told The Ashley, “Maci refused to give the producers an answer on whether or not she was willing.”

Mackenzie reportedly sent a text message to Maci to try and get her to meet up but Maci did not answer.

The source continued, “In fact, that was filmed for next season — Mackenzie texting Maci and talking about how she just wants things to not be so tense between families. She thought a sit-down lunch or something might be a good thing to help them talk out their issues.”

The source also confirmed that all of this happened before Maci started tweeting things about Mackenzie.

Maci refers to Ryan and Mackenzie as ‘pigs’

In Maci’s most recent posts on Twitter, she referred to Ryan and Mackenzie as ‘pigs’.

Maci refers to Mackenzie and Ryan as 'pigs'.
Maci refers to Mackenzie and Ryan as ‘pigs’. Pic credit: @MaciBookout/Twitter

Maci became frustrated when she watched the latest Teen Mom OG episode as Mackenzie continued to blame her for the small amount of time Ryan spends around Bentley.

Maci called out the fact that she has no control over when Ryan decides to show up. She pointed out that he never calls Bentley and has attended a very small portion of his sporting events.

Maci blasts Ryan and Mackenzie on Twitter
Maci blasts Ryan and Mackenzie on Twitter Pic credit: @MaciBookout/Twitter

Maci continues to ignore Mackenzie’s requests to sit down. It’s unclear if Mackenzie will continue to try amid Maci’s latest social media rants.

Fans can tune in to Teen Mom OG to watch as the feud continues to erupt.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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