Maci Bookout calls Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards ‘pigs’ as Teen Mom OG feud explodes

Maci Bookout during an episode of Teen Mom OG
Maci Bookout refers to Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards as ‘pigs’ as their feud continues to heat up Pic credit: MTV

The tension between Maci Bookout and Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards on Teen Mom OG has exploded this week.

Maci has gone back and forth with the Edwards family for several years now but this season in particular has been especially contentious.

Now that Maci and Ryan’s son Bentley is old enough to make his own decisions, he has asked that he not spend time with his father alone until they’ve had an opportunity to go to therapy together.

This news upset Ryan and he blamed Maci for Bentley’s decision. Maci has continued to insist that she does not influence Bentley’s decisions and that he is old enough to make his own choices.

Things between both families became especially heated when Bentley changed his mind about attending his brother Jagger’s birthday party after finding out it would be at Ryan and Mackenzie’s home. The news upset them both, and they referred to her as “petty” and an “evil b***h.”

Maci has not been shy about airing her thoughts on social media, and she did not hesitate to do so after the most recent episode aired. After she heard Ryan and Mackenzie call her “petty” once again, Maci took to social media and had some choice words for the two of them.

Maci refers to Ryan and Mackenzie as ‘pigs’

During the episode, Maci mentioned how she did not care how many people came after her because all she wanted was for Bentley to be happy.

In a tweet following the most recent episode, Maci referred to Ryan and Mackenzie as ‘pigs’ and said, “I’ll never wrestle with pigs, you both get dirty… but the pig likes it! Truth hurts.”

Maci refers to Mackenzie and Ryan as 'pigs'.
Maci refers to Mackenzie and Ryan as ‘pigs’. Pic credit: @MaciBookout/Twitter

She then continued in several other tweets and threw shade toward the Edwards family. After Mackenzie made it sound as if Maci prevents them from seeing Bentley, Maci pointed out that Ryan never shows up to any of Bentley’s sporting events and never reaches out to him.

She said, “When that girl says ‘if it has any effect on you seeing B’ & then he says ‘she does that all the time,’ I’m like hold the damn phone- do I have control over his bio dad showing up to 5 out of the 100 school/sport events Benny has? & why does he never call/text B?”

Maci blasts Ryan and Mackenzie on Twitter
Maci blasts Ryan and Mackenzie on Twitter Pic credit: @MaciBookout/Twitter

Maci reacts to Mackenzie calling her ‘petty’ again

In addition to her other tweets, Maci addressed Mackenzie calling her “petty” again.

Maci retweeted a comment from a fan who wondered if Mackenzie had any other comebacks.

Maci replied and said, “That would take a sense of humor, more education, and actual facts to speak about. So… No she doesn’t.”

Maci claps back after Mackenzie calls her 'petty' for the second time
Maci claps back after Mackenzie calls her ‘petty’ for the second time Pic credit: @MaciBookout/Twitter

Mackenzie and Ryan have yet to respond to Maci’s comments.

Fans can tune in to Teen Mom OG to find out what happens next as the feud continues to heat up.

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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