Teen Mom OG: Kristina Shirley explains why she didn’t sit with Amber Portwood for the reunion

Amber Portwood and Kristina Shirley of Teen Mom OG
Kristina explained why she refused to sit with Amber for the reunion. Pic credit: MTV

During the second half of the Teen Mom OG reunion, Kristina Shirley told the show’s hosts why she chose not to sit with Amber Portwood during Gary’s segment in the first half of the episode.

Kristina, Gary’s wife of six years, said her absence on the couch next to Amber “definitely had to do with” allegations Amber made against Gary, saying that he cheated on her with Amber.

During the first episode, Amber alleged an encounter with Gary where she claimed he touched her inappropriately and was trying to hit on her. Gary denounced the claims, and Dr. Drew accused Amber of unnecessarily stirring a “s**t storm.”

Amber didn’t last long before telling Gary that Kristina was “absolutely horrible” and walked off the set.

Kristina admitted that Amber’s allegations against Gary really hurt her and stated that Amber could have come to her personally to discuss those issues but has not.

Kristina views Leah the same as she does her other two daughters

When asked by Nessa how she would describe her relationship with Leah, Kristina answered that she and Leah share a “wonderful bond,” just like with her other two daughters, saying, “There’s no difference,” whether related biologically or not.

Dr. Drew said, “Do you see how that might be threatening to Amber?” and asked Kristina to imagine one of her daughters having a relationship with a stepmom like she has with Leah.

Kristina, who wished for more respect and gratitude from Amber, revealed that her older daughter has a stepmom and she encourages the relationship, saying that the more people that love her and take care of her makes her happy.

Gary disclosed that Amber was set off when he and Kristina jokingly referred to her as their teenage daughter because they did practically everything for her.

Gary continued to explain that people started hating on Amber, and alleged that it only takes “a little thing to set her off.”

Dr. Drew asked if Amber was possibly depressed or unstable, hinting that maybe there was a more serious mental issue going on rather than just being upset by the show.

Gary said, “There is that, of course,” and added that she sees everybody online, whereas she used to let it go. But now, according to Gary, Amber reads all the comments on social media.

And there are a lot of comments about Kristina being a better mom for Leah, making Amber depressed.

Kristina thinks Leah is done trying to mend her relationship with Amber

Dr. Drew asked how Leah is doing now and Kristina answered, “I don’t know. I think if it was up to Leah, she’d throw the towel in.”

Nessa hoped that Kristina would have come out with Amber and asked her specifically why she didn’t. Kristina was still hurt by the accusations Amber made about Gary, and never apologized to her, only Gary.

Amber’s ex threw shade at her when he praised Kristina in a post on social media recently.

Kristina and Gary Shirley of Teen Mom OG
Gary said letting Amber in their home is “kinda like letting a snake in your house.” Pic credit: MTV

Gary said, “It’s just really hard to allow somebody to come into your home knowing they just tried to ruin your relationship with your wife. It’s kinda like letting a snake in your house.”

Gary admitted that he thinks Amber is jealous of the relationship Kristina has with Leah, but said although she could have a bond with her daughter, “it wouldn’t be the same.”

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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