Teen Mom OG insider claims to know real reason Leah doesn’t want to be around Amber Portwood

Leah Shirley and Amber Portwood of Teen Mom OG
Leah revealed recently that she doesn’t want “one-on-one” time with her mom Amber. Pic credit: MTV

Screenshots have surfaced with details from a source who claims to know Kristina Shirley from Teen Mom OG and they gave a reason why Leah doesn’t want to see her mom, Amber Portwood.

Fans of Teen Mom OG watched this week as Leah celebrated her 12th birthday and was let down yet again by her mom, Amber.

Amber’s ex Gary Shirley had to convince Leah to invite her mom in the first place, as she didn’t want her there. Leah disclosed some brave revelations about her feelings towards her mom.

Leah was candid about her feelings towards her mom, Amber

After admitting that she and Amber “don’t really have a bond like that,” Leah told Gary, “Twelve years and she hasn’t really done anything. That’s kind of been like, Kristina’s spot.”

When Amber offered to celebrate Leah’s birthday alone with just the two of them at dinner, Leah was adamantly against any one-on-one time with her mom.

The source said stepmom Kristina revealed the reason why Leah avoids Amber

Reddit users dug up some Facebook posts from an insider who claims to know Kristina personally. The source alleged that Kristina knows the reason for Leah’s reluctance to be alone with her mom.

The source said, “I spoke with someone who knows her step mom Christina [sic] personally & she said someone at school showed Leah the clips of Amber hitting and punching Gary & ever since Leah wants nothing to do with Amber.”

“She’s old enough now to understand what her mom did & how unstable she is & I don’t blame her for putting up those boundaries! Amber thinks just because she gave birth to her that that automatically means they have a relationship!”

The source also alleged that Leah had nightmares from watching the videos. They added that regardless of Gary’s past, Leah latches on to her dad, since Gary and Kristina have raised her for the majority of her life.

Many fans of the show have watched Amber seemingly choose men over her daughter. Amber claims that she was present in Leah’s life, but most agreed that once to twice per week wasn’t enough.

Amber’s violent behavior has become a pattern

Cameras captured Amber assaulting Gary in 2010 when Leah was just two years old. Amber punched, slapped, choked and kicked Gary in the episode.

Amber eventually went to prison for domestic violence against Gary. Her violent actions continued and Amber was arrested several more times, most recently for attacking her son James’ father, Andrew Glennon.

Fans of the show have been calling for Amber to be fired from Teen Mom OG due to her behavior. Despite her issues coming to light in the media, Amber continues to claim she is a good mom.

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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