Teen Mom OG: Catelynn Baltierra announces she’s halfway through her pregnancy, fan thanks her for sharing ‘TMI’

Catelynn Baltierra of Teen Mom OG
Catelynn announced she’s hit the halfway mark in her pregnancy, and a fan thanked her for sharing “TMI” about her pregnancy on the reunion. Pic credit: MTV

Catelynn Baltierra is usually candid with her fans about everything, and last week, she shared that she’s more than halfway through her pregnancy and addressed a fan who thanked her for sharing her “TMI” moment during the Teen Mom OG reunion special.

Last Thursday, Catelynn tweeted to her 1.3 million followers, “22 weeks today! ❤? #blessed #rainbowbaby2”

Catelynn suffered two miscarriages, with the most recent one happening last winter. After she surprised Tyler with baby news, only to learn she’d lost the pregnancy a few weeks later.

Her first miscarriage happened in 2017, which led to Catelynn pursuing treatment for her mental health.

Catelynn’s followers shared congratulations and their own stories on latest post

One of Catelynn’s followers replied to her tweet, “Congratulations to you both!! You guys are one of my favorite couples on the show and a reason why I keep watching it. I am 20 weeks today so we are close on our due dates. Hope you’re having an easy fun pregnancy!!”

Another fan had nothing but good things to say about Catelynn and her husband Tyler, and voiced their opinion on Carly’s adoptive parents as well.

Catelynn Baltierra of Teen Mom OG on Twitter
Catelynn announced she was 22 weeks pregnant in a Tweet last week. Pic credit: @CatelynnLowell/Twitter

“You two are the best and greatest parents I’ve seen for all you two been together never give up on each other and your family when Carly gets little older she home .Brandon and Theresa act like you ask alot don’t give up keep in touch I never forget when she called Tyler dad”

Catelynn Baltierra of Teen Mom OG on Twitter
Catelynn’s fans praised her and Tyler when she announced she had hit the 22-week mark in her pregnancy. Pic credit: @CatelynnLowell/Twitter

Fan thanks Catelynn for ‘TMI’ honesty about miscarriage

In another tweet last week, Catelynn retweeted a fan’s post, who showed their appreciation for Catelynn being so open and candid about her pregnancy and miscarriage struggles during the Teen Mom OG reunion episode

The fan’s tweet read, “@CatelynnLowell I appreciate your openness so much, what you said about TMI, I miscarried in August and am 25 weeks now and I STILL have to go in the bathroom to check when I feel any wetness ? such a relatable thing to express ❤ congrats on your pregnancy!”

Catelynn Baltierra of Teen Mom OG on Twitter
Catelynn retweeted a post from a fan who thanked her for sharing her TMI moment regarding her pregnancy and miscarriage scares during the Teen Mom OG reunion. Pic credit: @CatelynnLowell/Twitter

Catelynn has openly shared her struggles and good fortunes with MTV audiences for 12 years, with her husband, Tyler, by her side every step of the way. Though the couple took a brief hiatus from their marriage while she was pregnant with their daughter, Vaeda, they’ve been going strong ever since.

Catelynn continues to excel in her new eyebrow microblading career and she and Tyler have plenty more to look forward to as they welcome their fourth daughter later this year.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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