Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer implied that ex Jeremy Calvert is absent from their daughter Addie’s life

Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert of Teen Mom 2
Leah Messer hinted that her ex Jeremy Calvert isn’t involved much in their daughter Addie’s life. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 veteran Leah Messer recently revealed that her ex-husband and baby daddy, Jeremy Calvert, doesn’t see their daughter, Addie, for months at a time.

Leah was a guest on Kail Lowry and Vee Rivera‘s podcast, Baby Mamas No Drama, where she opened up about Jeremy’s absence in their daughter Addie’s life.

Addie has become used to not seeing her dad

Leah told Kail on the podcast that Jeremy rarely sees Addie, hasn’t seen her for quite some time, and won’t be around again until October due to work.

“She won’t see him [until then]. She’ll see his parents occasionally,” Leah said of Addie and Jeremy.

Leah, whose conversations with her daughters are “cringeworthy” according to critics, said that because Jeremy is out of town so often for his job, that Addie has become used to it.

“Yesterday she said, ‘You know what Mom? I really don’t miss my dad.’ As sad as that sounds, she said, ‘I think I’m just used to it.’ And she probably really is. Ever since she was born, he was always out of town,” Leah told her listeners.

Leah suggested that Jeremy doesn’t even call to check on Addie

When Kail brought up Jeremy at least checking in with Addie on the phone while he’s gone, Leah hinted that in actuality, he wasn’t.

Leah hesitated before saying, “She does; she talks to him on her iPad,” but told Kail that she doesn’t know if Jeremy and Addie actually speak to each other.

Kail picked up on Leah’s insinuations and told her, “I hear you. I’m picking up what you’re putting down.”

Teen Mom 2 fans still wonder if Leah will get back together with Jeremy

Teen Mom 2 fans have often wondered if Jeremy and Leah will get back together. The former couple gave love another shot after their divorce but ended up going their separate ways.

Leah doesn’t speak to Jeremy much, either, and told Kail, “Jeremy and I’s communication has slimmed to where I think it should be, as far as my boundaries being respected and nothing further.”

In 2019, Jeremy asked Leah out on a date, only to cancel because his grandfather went to the hospital.

Just last month, Leah was adamant that she and Jeremy would never get back together. When asked by a fan if she’d ever consider taking Jeremy back, Leah replied, “This will NEVER happen! Jeremy is Adalynn’s Dad, just as Corey is the twins’ Dad.”

Leah continued, “We all get along very well and put our daughters’ best interest first. I prefer to keep it that way. I will always wish them the best in life!”

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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