Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry posts photo of shirtless man holding Lux – is she trying to make Chris Lopez jealous?

Kail Lowry during an episode of Teen Mom 2
Kail Lowry posted a photo of a shirtless man holding Lux and fans think she was trying to make Chris Lopez jealous Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry posted pictures on social media of her son Lux with another man.  Kail shares Lux with baby daddy Chris Lopez.

The photo was posted to her Instagram story and showed a shirtless man, identified as Tabari Grubbs, cooking with her son.  Based on his social media posts, Tabari appears to be in a relationship with Kail’s good friend Sterling.

According to The Sun, Teen Mom 2 fans took to Reddit and accused Kail of being calculated.  Some fans think she posted the picture in order to make Chris jealous.

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One fan thought the post was weird and said, “I think it’s weird to post a shirtless pic of your friend’s husband on your social media in this context.”

Another wrote, “It seems very calculated, like a non-candid candid.  My husband is the ‘fun uncle’ for all the kids in my family and all of our friends’ kids, he’s cooked with them many times, I’ve never once snapped a shot of him inches from their face and shirtless because that would be weird, I wouldn’t take a picture if this pose ever played out in my kitchen, I’d be like ‘Go put a f*****g shirt on, we’re trying to cook in here, ya weirdo”

The photo comes about a month after news broke of Kail’s September arrest and her attempt at gaining full custody of her and Chris’s sons Lux and Creed.

Kail Lowry posted this photo of a shirtless man holding Lux
Kail Lowry posted this photo of a shirtless man holding her son Lux. Pic credit: @kaillowry/Instagram

Kail’s arrest

Kail was arrested for allegedly punching Chris several times during an altercation.  She was reportedly upset that Chris cut Lux’s hair without her permission.

Following the argument, Kail posted a photo of Lux’s haircut on her social media account and accused Chris of being a narcissist.

Kail denied that the incident between her and Chris ever became physical.  She is due to appear in court for her hearing in January.

After news spread of Kail’s arrest, Chris posted a cryptic message on his social media and implied he was ready to move on.

The post read, “Some people visit my past more than I do.  I don’t live there anymore baby…I sold the whole building,”

Kail and Chris’s custody battle

Despite her arrest, Kail petitioned the court and was awarded sole custody of both Lux and Creed.

Chris continued to spend time with his sons following news of the custody battle and posted photos with them over Halloween weekend.  Since that time, Chris has only posted one video of his sons in early November.

The video showed Lux playing with his grandmother.  It’s unclear how often Chris gets to see his boys following the new custody arrangement.

Kail and Chris have had a toxic relationship since the beginning, which Kail opened up about during recent episodes of Teen Mom 2.  Their on-again-off-again relationship occupied much of her storyline last season.

We may never know for sure whether Kail’s recent photo of her shirtless friend was an attempt to make Chris jealous or not but based on their tumultuous past, it wouldn’t be too surprising.  Chris is known to share his emotions via his Instagram account but he has yet to react to Kail’s latest post.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.


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