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Teen Mom 2 fans think Javi Marroquin filed a restraining order against Lauren Comeau as a ‘scare tactic’

Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau formerly of Teen Mom 2
Fans of Teen Mom 2 believe Javi Marroquin’s PFA against ex Lauren Comeau was meant to “humiliate” her. Pic credit: MTV and @lauren3elizabeth/Instagram

Some Teen Mom 2 fans believe Javi Marroquin filed a restraining order against his ex-fiancée, Lauren Comeau, as a “scare tactic.”

Last week, it was reported that Javi filed for a protection from abuse (PFA), alleging that Lauren “punched” him several times with a “closed fist.”

Javi also claimed that Lauren “snatched” his gold chain off his neck, and alleged that the incidents took place in front of their two-year-old son, Eli.

Javi’s PFA was granted, then voluntarily dismissed

Javi’s request was granted, and he was awarded temporary custody of his and Lauren’s son, Eli. Javi and Lauren were due to appear in court in August and Lauren was ordered to stay at least 100 feet away from Javi, his place of residence, and his workplace.

“Respondent assaulted me in front of our children. I worry she will come to my house and assault me again and/or try to take our son,” Javi claimed in his court documents. He added, “She has assaulted me on multiple occasions, and due to my career, I want to protect my job and kids.”

However, Javi retracted his filing just one day later, claiming, “I no longer feel threatened by my son’s mother. I believe we can handle any altercation that arises.”

Teen Mom 2 fans think Javi’s PFA was a ‘scare tactic’ meant to ‘humiliate’ Lauren

The former Teen Mom 2 star’s incident caught the attention of the show’s fans with some believing that Javi’s filing was a calculated move meant to “scare” Lauren.

One fan of the show created a thread on Reddit with the headline, “Possibly unpopular opinion? Javi filing the PFA against Lauren was a scare tactic. He is manipulative, controlling and shady AF and this was his way of showing her how far he would go to humiliate her.”

Javi Marroquin formerly of Teen Mom 2 on Reddit
Was Javi’s PFA against Lauren a “scare tactic”? Pic credit: u/talastar/Reddit

Other fans of the show spoke up, and many of them agreed. “I think he f***s with Lauren and probably sweet talks her and manipulates her into thinking he loves her or somehow changed,” wrote one

“When people make fun of her for staying or saying she’s dumb for staying I totally get it because I’ve been in that situation before,” they continued.

Javi Marroquin formerly of Teen Mom 2 on Reddit
More fans thought Javi was “manipulating” Lauren by filing a PFA. Pic credit: u/talastar/Reddit

Fans brought up Javi’s ex, Kail Lowry

Another commenter brought up Javi’s ex-wife, Kail Lowry, when they wrote, “I mean he learned from the best…Kail.”

Javi’s other baby mama, Kail Lowry, is no stranger to domestic disputes and was involved in a similar one with her other baby daddy, Chris Lopez. Kail was arrested last fall after she allegedly punched Chris, but the charges were later dropped.

Fans felt it was unfair that Kail got dragged for her incident with Chris, and thought Lauren should receive the same treatment, regardless of what really happened.

‘They should just focus on coparenting’

One fan brought up various other theories, and said that the former couple should just stick to co-parenting.

“Honestly it doesn’t matter in my eyes. Either Javi is making this up as a manipulative tactic or Lauren actually hit him after he has humiliated her numerous times,” said the commenter.

“This relationship is over, it has been over, and no matter how many times they try it cannot be fixed—the cycle will just continue. Too much damage has been done. They should just focus on [co-parenting] and call this [s**t show] of a relationship quits,” they added.

Javi Marroquin formerly of Teen Mom 2 on Reddit
Was Javi being “manipulative” by filing for a PFA against Lauren? Pic credit: u/talastar/Reddit

Although Javi no longer films for Teen Mom 2, he’s still catching the attention of fans of the show. Hopefully Javi and Lauren can figure out a way to peacefully co-parent, especially for Eli’s sake.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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