Tamra Judge talks possible new reality show with Vicki Gunvalson

Tamra and Vicki on RHOC.
Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson may have a new show on the way. Pic credit: Bravo

Tamra Judge is greatly missed on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

During her chat with Danny Pellegrino for his Everything Iconic podcast, she spilled some good tea.

After hearing rumblings about a possible show featuring Tamra and Vicki Gunvalson, Danny asked the RHOC favorite about it.

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What did Tamra Judge say about the possible show?

While chatting with Danny Pellegrino, Tamra Judge did confirm that she and Vicki Gunvalson have something in the works, but she can’t discuss anything quite yet.

She said, “We had a production company reach out to us about doing a show. It’s just been so stalled because of COVID [sic] and nobody picking up new stuff.” Tamra then revealed that they have some meetings with networks next week.

As for what the premise is or what kind of show it will be, the former RHOC star isn’t sharing any details. There is likely some sort of contract forbidding them to speak about what is in the works, especially if it is going to get picked up.

Tamra Judge (The Real Housewives of Orange County) on Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino

Is the friendship between Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson still strong?

While chatting on the Everything Iconic podcast, Tamra Judge revealed she hasn’t seen Vicki Gunvalson in months. That is due to her traveling and being away from the OC.

Currently, Vicki is in Mexico with Steve Lodge in the condo she purchased. She has been there since before the new year, and it seems to be her happy place. Before that, Vicki flew to North Carolina to spend time with her daughter Briana, and her children and husband.

As for Tamra, she stepped back from The Real Housewives of Orange County because of what was happening in her life. Her ex-husband, Simon Barney, was diagnosed with cancer and she chose to help and be there for her kids. When asked about his condition, she declined to talk about it because he had not publicly given an update yet.

Whether the show starring Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson will come to fruition remains to be seen. They are both incredibly driven women and with an offer and meetings with networks, it is likely that something will come of it from the two former RHOC ladies.

Even though things aren’t the same, and their friendships with the other ladies on the show have dissolved, a spin-off starring Tamra and Vicki may be able to dominate ratings and get things moving in a positive direction.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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