Tamra Judge chimes in on the RHONJ drama and calls out Margaret Josephs

Bravo Housewives Tamra Judge and Margaret Josephs screenshot
Tamra Judge throws shade at Margaret Josephs. Pic credit: Bravo

Tamra Judge has been tuned in to Season 14 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and she just shared her two cents on the show.

The Two T’s in a Pod star and her temporary co-host Emily Simpson dissected the awkward season and Margaret Josephs was a major topic of conversation.

At this point, the cast is more divided than ever, and they filmed the season with some of the cast refusing to speak to each other.

Despite the divide, a lot’s still happening in the Garden State, and Tamra is convinced that Margaret is trying to drum up drama with other people since she doesn’t have Teresa to spar with this season.

Margaret’s latest feud is with Jackie Goldschneider and Jenn Fessler who’ve gotten close to Teresa.

Margaret is furious that her friends have gone over to the dark side and she’s been very outspoken about feeling betrayed by both women.

However, is she causing drama for a storyline? Tamra seems to think just that!

Tamra Judge thinks Margaret Josephs is stirring up drama

Tamra and Emily dished about the Jersey drama on the latest podcast episode, and the RHOC star didn’t hold back.

“Margaret’s doing everything to have drama that doesn’t involve Teresa’s situation and I have a feeling it’s gonna backfire on her,” reasoned Tamra in the short clip.

Emily reasoned that Margaret’s issue with Jackie was more about her newfound friendship with Teresa than that she didn’t get an advanced copy of Jackie’s book, and Tamra agreed.

“It’s all about Teresa,” Tamra said. “I know Margaret, I love you to death, I know you’re doing all the things to keep that show going but… it’s just not looking good.”

RHONJ fans blast Margaret for ‘ruining’ the show

Tamra isn’t the only viewer who thinks Margaret is to blame for the state of RHONJ.

After the clip was posted online, several people chimed in and blasted the 57-year-old, with some accusing her of ruining the show.

“I can’t stand Margaret this season….. I mean I never could stand her, really. But this season, she’s unbearable to watch,” wrote a commenter.

“Margaret is ruining the show,” exclaimed someone else. “She’s coming across mean and bitter she gets a pass from Bravo because she’s the bone collector…”

One RHONJ viewer reasoned, “Margaret brings nothing to the show except gossiping gossiping and gossiping some more. Her obsession with Louie is almost like an infatuation. She’s doing Jackie just like she did Ziggy, Daniella, Teresa, and her friend Laura.”

RHONJ fans blast Margaret Josephs
RHONJ fans weigh in. Pic credit: @two.ts.inapod/Instagram

“Watching Marge & co is becoming very difficult. The nastiness isn’t fun tv anymore. They all need to leave, Marge, Gorgas, and definitely the Fudas,” wrote someone else.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Jersey Girl
Jersey Girl
15 days ago

Margaret is a divisive troublemaker! Danielle Cabral is closely following in her footsteps. She says she can’t forgive Jackie for being mean to her, but, who was meaner to her last season than Margaret, her new pal? I don’t like either one of them! They’re ruining the show!!!!!