RHONJ Season 14 is proof a cast shakeup is needed

Melissa Gorga on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.
Melissa Gorga needs to leave RHONJ. Pic credit: Bravo

At one point, The Real Housewives of New Jersey was the crown jewel in the sprawling reality TV franchise.

Despite cast divisions, it remained entertaining thanks to the constant drama between the ladies.

Through just three episodes of RHONJ Season 14, the fun factor is gone, and the show is far too toxic to enjoy.

The easiest measure of success for these shows is the number of viewers watching, and with a massive ratings drop, even the most diehard fans are walking away.

The series should have had a revamp for Season 14, including many new cast members with zero links to the ladies.

At this stage, it feels like we’re watching Survivor, with Melissa Gorga and Teresa Gorga rounding people up for their tribes.

The ladies can’t stop talking about Teresa Giudice

The most excruciating aspect of the show is how people like Melissa Gorga, Rachel Fuda, and Margaret Josephs refuse to be in Giudice’s presence but feel the need to talk about her constantly, on and off the series.

It’s constant, and the fact that the husbands indulge in the gossip about Giudice and Luis Ruelas makes it far worse. The husbands must be removed from the show because they aren’t main cast members.

The series has thrived for so long by focusing on the complicated dynamics between a group of women.

Adding men hurling insults at women is a desperate attempt from producers to keep the drama flowing, and it’s a terrible look for the show and network.

The lack of drama aside, filming the series with two very different groups is proving to be a bust because each episode feels like a nothing burger of people talking about Giudice.

It isn’t cohesive, and the storylines are no longer exciting.

RHONJ can’t continue like this

Initially, Jen Fessler had the potential to become the focal cast member, but her recent interviews in which she walked back a lot of things she said on the show have highlighted that she’ll flip-flop between the friend groups if she remains on the show.

Even Giudice doesn’t have an interesting storyline, but that’s probably because most of the cast balks at her presence and then complains about her.

She can’t win, but her history of flying off the handle at any given opportunity isn’t doing her any favors.

Andy Cohen has already hinted that the show can’t continue in its current form. The only logical way forward is to ship Giudice off to a spinoff that will probably be swiftly canceled and then reboot the show.

Either that or put it on pause for a couple of years, come back with some new women, and see if there’s a better dynamic.

We had such little hope for RHONJ, so the fact we’re already disappointed showcases that the show needs change.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo. Stream Seasons 1-14 on Peacock.

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Jersey Girl
Jersey Girl
22 days ago

Please do not drop the franchise! It’s still my favorite. Take this year to find new cast members for next year and drop the dead weight cast members.

21 days ago

They need to get rid of Joe ,Melissa and Margaret then I think the show would be better. They use Jennifer Adin and Theresa as their story line. Joe is such a b!t@h and argues like a female. Men are not usually that petty. He is so toxic and never owns the stuff he does. They all seem to hate that Theresa has a man who loves her. Joe had issues with Joe, now Theresa’s new husband. I love Danielle and her family. The Fuda’s are fake and a mess, they do nothing for the show. Jennifer Adin and Theresa, Delores and Danielle should stay. The rest need to go. And the men arguing with the women is not a good look. Joe and Melissa and Margaret ( professional victims) are exhausting.

Lucy Da Silva
Lucy Da Silva
20 days ago
Reply to  Nina

I agree Melissa and Margaret and Rachel needs to go. All they talk is about Teresa making fun off her all the time. When the producers asks Melissa one on one about Teresa she tells them oh I don’t wanna talk about her. Melissa as no issues when cameras are on her and Margaret all they do is bash call Teresa names. Margaret and Melissa are two big bullies acting li,e teenagers in hallway bully Teresa. Time for then to leave to show