Sutton Stracke and boyfriend Sanjit Das make relationship Instagram official 

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Sutton Stracke goes Instagram official with her new beau.  Pic credit: ©

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Sutton Stracke has faced a tough season on the Bravo show that made her famous, but she revealed that good things came from the reality show.

More specifically, Sutton revealed a new man yesterday as she showed that her reality tv show experience wasn’t all negative.

Sutton made a big step by sharing a photo of the two at an outdoor event.

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She shared a selfie with her new boyfriend, Sanjit Das, while both parties smiled.

Fans met Sanjit on Season 12, Episode 12 of RHOBH as Sutton and Sanjit went on a pizza date which was a little awkward. Sutton and Sanjit met on Bumble, and Sutton appeared impressed with her date’s resume. 

She shared in a confessional about Sanjit that he was: “from Virginia, he went to law school in New Orleans.”

She added that she did a background check on her prospective beau, as she does with all potential partners.

While it was unclear whether Sanjit or Sutton would go on a third date after the second date appeared on television, it appears now that the two really hit it off.

Her caption read, “Good things do come out of #rhobh?.”

Sutton Stracke’s new boyfriend appeared on television before

Sutton’s boyfriend has a day job as a lawyer, but two decades ago, he appeared on television.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Sutton’s new man was a contestant on the trivia show, Jeopardy!, in 2001.

Sutton revealed this fact in a confessional as she described the results of the background check she did on her new man.

Sutton Stracke provides updates on RHOBH relationships

Sutton Stracke spoke virtually with Us Weekly and shared that watching back Season 12 was surprising for her because of cast members’ opinions.

Sutton suggested that the Bravo ladies were more critical of her in confessionals than in real life.

RHOBH Sutton Stracke On Erika Jayne Relationship, Lisa Rinna Fight, Diana Jenkins Drama, & More

She also discussed the status of her friendships with newbie Diana Jenkins and last year’s rival, Erika Jayne.

Sutton spoke about her relationship with Erika, “We don’t have a friendship. We’re very cordial– that’s it.”

As for Diana, Sutton said their personalities did not mesh. She shared, “We just butt heads.”

She joked, “I don’t want her to head butt me, but I don’t think violence is the answer.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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