Sutton Stracke’s RHOBH date was once a contestant on Jeopardy!

Sutton Stracke close up
Sutton Stracke is soaking up the sun rays in a white bikini with seahorse patterns. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

We love a good crossover, but the Housewives and Jeopardy! crossover is one we didn’t even know we needed!

Many viewers were happily surprised when they spotted a Jeopardy! contestant on a date with Sutton Stracke on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

However, it wasn’t Sanjit Das’ first appearance on the show. 

In last week’s episode, Sutton called him on Facetime to introduce him to her friends. Erika grabbed the phone from her, and the ladies started teasing her. And, in a very cringy but cute moment, Sutton told her casemates to not scare her date off, shouting, “Excuse me! I actually like him.” 

The quirky Southern Belle forgot Sanjit was still on the Facetime call and could clearly hear her. 

He must have found her spontaneity endearing because he invited Sutton out for a second date. And luckily for fans, Bravo’s cameras were there to catch all the awkwardness…

Sutton Stracke’s date is not camera shy 

The pair first met online on the dating app Bumble. But some viewers had already been introduced to Sanjit Das on Jeopardy. 

He appeared on the game show episode that aired in April 2001, hosted by none other than the iconic Alex Trebek. 

RHOBH Sutton Stracke just wants a boyfriend

During the episode, we see a nervous Sutton getting helped out putting an outfit together for her date. She tells her friend that she doesn’t want to look “slutty”.

Sutton Stracke said in her confessional that she is not looking to get married again. When the producer asked her if she considered a “friends with benefits” situation, she hilariously answered, “all my friends are gay. I don’t think they want these benefits.”

The RHOBH star married young and got divorced after 17 years. 

She explained in her confessional, “I’m not looking for marriage. I guess I just want a boyfriend,” she added in her southern accent, “someone who will put up with me!”

Sutton Stracke goes on a very awkward date

Sutton Stracke met Sajit at a very nice pizza place. He was sitting down, waiting for her. There was a lot of awkwardness as he stood up to greet her, and she reached across the table to kiss him, almost losing her balance. 

The two spoke about their love for food, Sutton saying she didn’t like spicy food. She explained to a surprised Sajit that she knew he had an Indian background and that she “loves Indian food but not spicy Indian food.” 

Sutton said in her confessional that her date was “from Virginia, he went to law school in New Orleans, and he was also on Jeopardy!” She added with a naughty look, “I do background checks on the people that I date.”

Things got even more uneasy when Stracke started getting restless because she needed to scratch her legs. 

They also had some sweet moments like when Sajit, who had forgotten his reading glasses, discovered that Sutton’s fit his vision perfectly.

Sutton said this second date was to get a little deeper with the Virginia native.

At one point, in the name of more sweet awkwardness, she asked him if there would be a third date. He drowned his answer in the beer he hastily started drinking.

Like Sutton told the cameras, “It’s hard to date in 2022 when you are 50.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays on Bravo at 8/7c.

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