Susan Noles slays on the Adore Me runway as fans call for her to be The Golden Bachelorette

Susan Noles on The Golden Bachelor
Susan Noles is hitting runways after The Golden Bachelorette announcement. Pic credit: ABC

It’s official – The Golden Bachelorette has received the green light from ABC and will air in the fall of 2024.

The senior-woman-led spin-off was already basically a lock after Faith Martin shared a casting call looking for senior men in December.

We have been waiting for an announcement about it, and now it’s here, but we still don’t know who will be the star.

That hasn’t stopped speculation though, as The Golden Bachelor fans can’t help but weigh in on who they want to see look for love next.

There are several cast members from Gerry Turner’s season, and it will most likely be one of them.

The Golden Bachelor executive producer Jason Ehrlich basically confirmed that when speaking about the possibility of a spin-off in a Variety panel in December.

With Susan Noles being one of the most popular The Golden Bachelor women, it’s no surprise that she’s among the names getting tossed around ahead of that big announcement.

Susan Noles is a runway model

We already knew that Susan Noles was a wedding planner and officiant, but now, she’s a runway model too.

Adore Me put Susan to work for a recent fashion show in New York City during fashion week, and it’s pretty clear that she knows how to work it.

In a carousel of photos shared on Instagram, Susan rocked a silky lingerie dress and pearls while channeling the best of Kris Jenner.

In Adore Me’s caption, they wrote, “@thesusannoles gave us THEE most fierce energy on the runway this week.”

The Golden Bachelor fans want Susan Noles as The Golden Bachelorette

The Adore Me post’s comment section went wild as The Golden Bachelor fans gushed over Susan Noles.

She’s still much loved after officiating Gerry and Theresa’s wedding, and Susan’s fans want to see much more of her.

“The way I straight up thought this was a Kris Jenner post,” one fan wrote.

Another called for her to be “The next golden bachelorette?!!!!”

Yet another gushed over Susan, claiming she looked like a “Hollywood Celeb” in the second photo.

Yet another echoed calls for her to be The Golden Bachelorette star.

Bachelor Nation loves Susan Noles
Susan Noles gets a lot of love after walking the runway. Pic credit: @adoreme/Instagram

It didn’t stop there. Even more calls came in for Susan to be The Golden Bachelorette, with one commenter exclaiming, “You killed it!!!”

Another announced, “She SLAYS.”

The Golden Bachelor fans love Susan Noles
The Golden Bachelor fans want Susan Noles for The Golden Bachelorette. Pic credit: @adoreme/Instagram

Susan is so beautiful and full of personality that it’s not a stretch to think she might be honored with the first starring role in the senior woman-led spin-off.

The Golden Bachelorette is coming in the fall of 2024 to ABC.

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5 days ago

Please pic Susan Noles. She has enough personality to be the lead. Not sure the others do. An amazing, delightful, beautiful human.

2 days ago

Joan Voss period.