The Golden Bachelorette still not confirmed but The Golden Bachelor producers are ‘hopeful’

Gerry Turner on The Golden Bachelor
We still don’t have confirmation of The Golden Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

The Golden Bachelor is over, and we still don’t have confirmation that The Golden Bachelorette is happening.

During the first season of the newest Bachelor Nation spin-off, viewers clamored for a woman-led version of the show as women were sent home during rose ceremonies or opted to leave on their own.

Starting with Patty James on premiere night, then Joan Vassos, Ellen Goltzer, and even more women as the season progressed, viewers voiced who they wanted to see take over the top spot if the series were to happen.

Based on the wild popularity of The Golden Bachelor, we can’t imagine that Bachelor production would pass on a spin-off featuring a leading woman.

After all, more than four million viewers tuned in for The Golden Bachelor premiere, and more than nine million watched the finale.

Those are better numbers than any Bachelor series in years, and it’s great news for the franchise.

The Golden Bachelor producers talk about The Golden Bachelorette

The Golden Bachelor executive producer and showrunner Bennett Graebner was on hand for the Producers Guild FYC panel on Monday night in New York City and spoke about the possibility of The Golden Bachelorette, saying “nothing would make us happier” when asked about whether the show would be happening.

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist were also on hand for the panel, as well as executive producers and showrunners Claire Freeland and Jason Ehrlich.

When The Golden Bachelorette was mentioned, the crowd got excited and started throwing out names of the women they’d want to see in the lead role.

“There are so many incredible women from this season,” Ehrlich said. “That would be really hard not to [pick from]. There are just so many, and you can picture what that would look like in several different ways, and it’s all exciting and fun.”

Then, Freeland chimed in, saying, “I’m here for Golden Paradise.” Previously, Bachelor Nation host Jesse Palmer also teased the possibility of a Golden Bachelor spin-off.

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist will get married on The Golden Bachelor television special

The Golden Bachelor mania isn’t over yet. After Gerry Turner proposed to Theresa Nist finale night, they made it clear that they couldn’t get married soon enough.

Their wedding is coming soon, and Bachelor Nation will be tuning in.

Gerry chose Theresa in a shocking move after making Leslie Fhima and all of Bachelor Nation think she was the one for him. He even told her as much during their Fantasy Suites date before heading off for his day and night with Theresa, where he changed his mind.

The move upset a lot of The Golden Bachelor fans, with many of them speaking out and saying Leslie dodged a bullet.

Theresa seems pretty happy Gerry chose her, and the pair have been enjoying their publicity tour since the finale.

The Golden Bachelor wedding special will air on Thursday, January 4 at 8/7c on ABC.

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M and Madeline Belisle
M and Madeline Belisle
6 months ago

Theresa. Leave before you get hurt