Are Theresa Nist and Leslie Fhima still friends after The Golden Bachelor?

Theresa Nist and Leslie Fhima from The Golden Bachelor
Theresa Nist and Leslie Fhima were friends going into The Golden Bachelor finale. Pic credit: ABC

One of the toughest things about Bachelor Nation shows, like The Golden Bachelor, is that often, the contestants become close friends.

That is exactly what happened with Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist as they worked to find love with Gerry Turner.

Clearly, not everyone in the mansion got along — with Kathy Swarts going home over her beef with Theresa.

But it makes sense that as the season gets closer to the end and contestants spend more time together, they begin to bond.

After all, they see each other more than they see The Golden Bachelor lead, whom they all seemingly fell in love with.

But when it comes to the end, and the star of the show has to pick between friends, it seems likely that there would be hard feelings, and that has The Golden Bachelor fans wanting to know if Theresa and Leslie are still friends or if that friendship fizzled.

Leslie Fhima’s hairdresser spills the tea on her friendship with Theresa Nist

Now that a winner has been announced and we know that Theresa and Gerry are getting married, there have been a lot of questions about what is going on with Leslie.

One of the biggest is whether Theresa and Leslie are still friends or if that connection fell apart as the competition heated up in Costa Rica.

With the season over, Theresa’s hairdresser, Lisa Scolamacchia of Hair Love Lisa, has spoken out.

She told The US Sun that Theresa and Leslie “are great friends,” adding that Theresa “absolutely loves” Leslie.  

“She said that [their friendship] was from day one, so it almost had nothing to do with the choice at the end,” Lisa dished.

She added, “I’m sure it got a little weird, but she says to this day, they’re great friends.”

The Golden Bachelor fans think Leslie Fhima dodged a bullet

Theresa Nist is ecstatic about her engagement to Gerry Turner, and they are planning to get married as soon as possible.

But when it comes to Leslie Fhima, many viewers have been speaking out and are thinking things worked out for the best for her.

She was heartbroken after Gerry’s last-minute change of heart because he told her she was “the one,” and she really believed a proposal was coming.

But when Gerry’s ex-girlfriend spoke out ahead of finale night and revealed the truth about his dating history… it wasn’t a good look for him.

With that new revelation, many embraced Leslie and even believed that Gerry did her dirty. Now, some fans are calling for her to be The Golden Bachelorette to find some redemption after having her heart broken in such a savage way.

The Golden Bachelor wedding will air on Thursday, January 4, at 8/7c on ABC.

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Jessie Pippin
Jessie Pippin
2 months ago

I want to be the Golden Bachelorette!