The Golden Bachelorette is coming — Here’s who Bachelor Nation wants to see as the leading lady

The Golden Bachelor women at a rose ceremony
One woman from The Golden Bachelor will likely be The Golden Bachelorette lead. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation is so excited after The Golden Bachelorette was officially greenlit during the Television Critics Association winter tour.

The announcement was made on Thursday, and as news continues to spread that a senior woman-led spin-off is coming this fall, fans of the first senior spin-off are ready for this show.

We won’t be tuning in for The Golden Bachelorette until Fall 2024, but that hasn’t stopped the chatter.

It was already a sure thing after a Golden Bachelorette casting call was shared by Faith Martin.

But now we wait to see who our queen will be, and Bachelor Nation has several ideas about who they want to see in the top spot.

They also have been vocal about who they don’t want.

Here is who we want to see as The Golden Bachelorette lead

Several women from Gerry Turner’s season of The Golden Bachelor would make amazing leads, so production could surprise us when it comes to casting.

One fan of the show is betting on Susan. They wrote, “Oh let’s go who do we think it will be? My money is on Susan.”

But a Golden Bachelor fan called the show out after The Golden Wedding for not making this announcement then, and they were hoping it would be Leslie.

They tweeted, “you’re telling me they brought leslie all the way out here just to not announce her as the golden bachelorette??”

Another Golden Bachelor fan thinks Faith will be The Golden Bachelorette because she caught the bouquet at Gerry and Theresa’s wedding.

Keep in mind that Faith already said it wasn’t going to be her, but maybe she just didn’t know yet or was trying to throw us off.

Edith, Ellen, or Sandra would also be great in the lead role.

Here’s who we don’t want as The Golden Bachelorette

There’s one woman from The Golden Bachelor that we definitely don’t want to lead the premiere season of The Golden Bachelorette, and that’s Kathy Swarts.

Kathy has been all over TV and social media, even emceeing The Golden Wedding – despite playing the villain role and trying to get Theresa sent home on the show.

Clearly, that didn’t work in her favor, so she put it all behind her and buddied up with Theresa ahead of her wedding instead.

Most recently, Kathy threw some shade at former friend April Kirkwood after it became obvious there was a fallout within the ASKN crew following their appearance on The Bachelor.

One The Golden Bachelor fan felt like Kathy’s performance at The Golden Wedding was an audition for The Golden Bachelorette.

They tweeted, “Oh, yeah, she was a bit Joan Rivers-like now that you mention it. Why did they pan to Kathy sooo often? Is she going to be the Golden Bachelorette or were they really just trying to help her land a man? She did pretty good if that’s her first time at that type of comedy bit.”

The Golden Bachelorette will premiere in Fall 2024 on ABC.

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