Survivor’s Carolyn Wiger shares an instructive video helping her blind dog

Carolyn Playing Survivor
Carolyn Wiger has been an exciting part of the Survivor 44 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Survivor 44 castaway Carolyn Wiger has a product she would like to sell.

On her Instagram page, Carolyn joked about starting up a new business for blind dogs.

Her dog Kramer is going blind, and Carolyn has constructed a device to help him get around the house.

As a Whitney Houston song plays in the background, the video shows Kramer walking around her house.

The halo that she has created for him does well in keeping him from bumping into the wall.

But the tool didn’t work that well when Kramer tried to go up some stairs.

Carolyn constructs a halo for her dog, Kramer

Through the use of a hula hoop and a harness (as well as a lot of tape), Carolyn puts together a homemade halo in the video tutorial below.

Carolyn notes that she had to try this after attempting to order a halo on Amazon. It turned out that Kramer’s “bust” was just too big for it.

Enjoy the video below, and try not to laugh as Kramer puts his halo to good use. And make sure to watch the full video to hear what Carolyn says at the very end.

Could Carolyn Wiger win Survivor 44?

Only seven people are left on Survivor 44, and Carolyn Wiger is one of them. She has a shot at winning the $1 million prize.

With a lot of drama around her, Carolyn has held on to her Immunity Idol for most of the season.

If Carolyn finds herself in danger at Tribal Council, she can use that Immunity Idol to stay in the game.

During the last episode, Carolyn lost an ally when Frannie Marin got sent home. But Carolyn can still work with Yam Yam going forward.

After she was voted off of Survivor, Frannie spoke about mistakes she made while choosing the people to enjoy the reward with her.

At least she got to join Matt Blinkship on the Survivor 44 jury, where they will play votes on the season finale to help decide the Sole Survivor.

But back to Carolyn. A deleted scene revealed that she accidentally set fire to her shorts. She was trying to get dry after

She also shared some fun pictures of her house decorated for Halloween. The topic surfaced during a recent episode, so she shared some fresh content on social media.

An additional deleted scene of Carolyn playing Survivor in Fiji is shared below.

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