Survivor spoilers: Who is the Season 45 winner?

Jeff Probst Hosting Survivor 45
Host Jeff Probst has been with Survivor since the first season. Pic credit: CBS

Survivor 45 spoilers may have revealed who wins Season 45. But the answers are coming soon, whether or not the spoilers are correct.

The season finale airs on Wednesday, December 20. It’s a three-hour event on CBS beginning at 8/7c. And then begins the push for Survivor 46 advertisements.

Online rumors have increased slightly about who is getting a winner’s edit and who is being set up as a storyline so that the winner doesn’t seem too obvious.

It’s also notable that recent Survivor spoilers shared on Monsters and Critics have turned out to be correct (so far).

Those previous spoilers stated that Drew Basile would finish in sixth place – and it happened after he got blindsided.

Many Reddit users have pushed the rumors that the Survivor 45 winner is a woman. As the endgame approaches, it’s easier to see how it might happen.

Who wins Survivor 45?

As always, remember that these are spoilers from the internet and unconfirmed information. Take everything with a grain of salt and tune in on finale night to see if the spoilers are correct.

A Reddit user resurfaced to share potential spoilers about Survivor 45. That user posted about Drew being out next, that Jake O’Kane would find a Hidden Immunity Idol, and who would win Survivor 45.

Those spoilers were posted before Episode 12, where Jake did find an Idol and Drew was voted out at Tribal Council. Yes, it’s circumstantial evidence (at best), but it adds some credibility to their claim about who wins.

This account on Reddit also allegedly provided many details about Survivor: Winners At War that were proven correct.

The claim is that Dee Valladares beats Katurah Topps and Jake O’Kane to win Survivor 45.

Dee has a strong position within the Survivor 45 final five – without even considering the spoilers. Katurah is coming on strong as the season ends, but (likely) too late to win over the jury. And Jake has the makings of a third-place finisher.

If the spoilers are correct, it could be another one-sided vote by a Survivor jury.

Survivor 45 Spoilers
Potential Survivor 45 spoilers posted online. Pic credit: @SeasideKingDumb/Reddit

More Survivor news and notes

The Survivor 46 cast list was leaked, giving fans an early look at the next castaways.

An official announcement about the Survivor 46 cast will come during the Season 45 finale, but early information is always fun.

Two Survivor legends are on The Traitors this winter, so fans may enjoy watching that reality competition show on Peacock.

Previous episodes of Survivor are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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