Survivor sneak peeks revealed for new episode, including Merge Day

Sifu Survivor 45
Nicholas “Sifu” Alsup on the Survivor 45 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Several Survivor sneak peek videos were released for the new episode.

This should help spur the excitement about the upcoming installment.

Five people have been eliminated on Survivor 45, but some exits have had fans questioning the casting process.

Hannah Rose quit on Day three, and Sean Edwards dipped out on Day nine.

Host Jeff Probst was frustrated about how Sean quit since it impacted what the Reba Tribe planned to do at the Tribal Council.

Sean argued against the narrative that he quit, but his story had some holes.

Survivor 45, Episode 6 sneak peeks

Below are sneak peeks released for the November 1 episode of Survivor 45. This serves as the sixth episode for the Fall 2023 season.

The first sneak peek takes place during Night 11 at the Belo Tribe. Earlier that day, Belo voted out Brandon “Brando” Meyer.

Kendra McQuarrie was caught off-guard by the vote, and Emily Flippen tried explaining why she went that route.

Emily also spoke about taking her destiny into her own hands rather than getting manipulated ahead of a vote.

While speaking to the camera in the morning, Kendra said she was devastated and blindsided. She also wanted to get revenge on Emily.

The second sneak peek clip comes from Day 13 of Survivor 45.

Rain is pouring down on Fiji, and various castaways are shown speaking about the weather.

But the biggest takeaway from the clip is that it is Merge Day for the Survivor 45 cast.

There are now 13 people at one camp, and the players react differently to the stress.

Sifu Alsup appears to be enjoying this phase of the game.

As a reminder, these clips come from the November 1 episode of Survivor 45. It begins at 8/7c on Wednesday night.

More from Survivor 45

Brando Meyer spoke about something intriguing during one of his Survivor exit interviews.

Brando said he found an advantage to the game but that it got taken away by production during filming.

It is an eye-opening wrinkle within the Survivor 45 season and something fans have additional questions about.

With how this season has played out, fans could use another Survivor Reunion. It’s something the producers should bring back rather than just having a live reveal of the winner while the group is still in Fiji.

Previous episodes of Survivor 45 are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Producers have asked people to submit applications and possibly be on the Survivor 47 cast.

Survivor airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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