Brando says he found an advantage before Survivor exit, got it taken away by production

Brando On Survivor 45
Survivor 45 featured Brandon “Brando” Meyer as one of the castaways. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 45 finally eliminated someone who didn’t start on the Lulu Tribe.

During the fifth episode of the season, Brandon “Brando” Meyer got voted out at Tribal Council.

But Brando told a story about what happened after the tribes were switched up in Episode 4.

After the Lulu Tribe went to the first three Tribal Councils, the producers had to even things out.

To open up Episode 4, the final 15 castaways drew spots for one of three tribes.

Brando, an original Belo member, drew a Belo buff again. But he says something was in that buff.

A secret advantage from the Survivor 45 tribe swap?

During an exit interview, Brando was asked to share something from the show that didn’t make it on television.

Due to time constraints and production choices, many hours of footage don’t make it to the show. Sometimes, fun moments are never seen by Survivor fans.

“I think something that we didn’t get to see — and also that I didn’t get to see — was at the swap when we get our buffs and we have our new fresh buffs in our hand, mine felt a little bit weird,” Brando told Dalton Ross.

“And so I’m unwrapping it, and there’s a note inside of my buff stitched into the buff. So I rip it out, I shove it in my pocket, and I’m like, ‘Alright, I’m going to look at this when I get back to camp,'” Brando elaborated.

Brando revealed that when they returned to camp, the production team took the parchment from him. Brando says it happened before he could read it, leaving him wondering if he missed an advantage. It might just have kept him in the game longer.

“Maybe I could have saved myself. Who knows? But future players, always read the note when you get it,” Brando added.

Brando was so worried that someone would see him reading about the possible advantage that he never even saw it.

The full interview where Brando talks about the tribe swap, his experiences, and that fateful Tribal Council is shared below.

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