Survivor personalities slam Russell Hantz for allegedly not paying the winners of his fantasy football leagues

Russell Hantz Survivor
Russell Hantz is infamous for his appearances on Survivor. Pic credit: CBS

Survivor alum Russell Hantz is getting ribbed on social media by people close to the show.

After becoming a well-known villain on Survivor, Russell has taken that persona online, frequently posting his thoughts on just about anything taking place in the world.

Today, Mike Bloom from Parade made a joke about the latest Survivor headlines that have been popping up on Twitter.

“Sandra and Parvati: ‘We’re the finalists from #Survivor Heroes vs. Villains that are going to cause the most drama and headlines in January 2023,” Mike started his latest post.

Here, Mike was referring to the ongoing feud between Survivor winners Sandra Diaz-Twine and Parvati Shallow that has continued years after they battled it out on the show.

“Russell: *reaching up* ‘Hold my beer. I’ll promise to pay you for it later,” Mike added at the end of his tweet, referencing another bit of Survivor drama.

And in the second part of his post, Mike is joking about Russell Hantz hosting fantasy football leagues.

Survivor alums joke about Russell Hantz and fantasy football

Survivor alum Rick Devens, who saw some posts about Russell Hantz hosting fantasy football leagues, made a joke that hit home for many other people who have been on the show.

“I’ll bet Natalie White pays her fantasy football debts,” Rick posted about the Survivor: Samoa winner who beat out Russell on that season.

There has been a lot of bad blood between the two Survivor players following her big win, giving Rick some good ammunition for this joke.

Rick Devens Post
Survivor vet Rick Devens jokes about Russell Hantz. Pic credit: @Rick_Devens/Twitter

Rick Devens gets a lot of Twitter responses

After Rick made his post, quite a few other former Survivor players stopped by to make jokes and leave their own comments.

In addition to Mike Holloway from Survivor: Worlds Apart, NFL writer Ben Standig from The Athletic and sportswriter Elliot Smilowitz from the Washington Post can be seen chiming in below.

Comments About Russell Hantz
Twitter comments made about Russell Hantz and his fantasy football leagues. Pic credit: @Rick_Devens/Twitter

As of the publishing of this article, Russell has not responded to the allegations that his fantasy football league winners have not been paid.

Mike Bloom On Russell Hantz
Mike Bloom jokes about online Survivor drama. Pic credit: @AMikeBloomType/Twitter

More Survivor news

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