Survivor fans are going to be shocked by big change to show

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Survivor 44 has a huge change in store for fans, and it is going to lead to a lot of shocked faces.

We still have a while until the March 1 season premiere arrives, but the producers have really shifted how Immunity Idols will be acquired.

Rather than have the Individual Immunity Idols hidden at the camps, they are going to be in plain sight.

This wouldn’t be Survivor if it didn’t involve a twist, though, and acquiring an Idol is also going to come with a lot of risk.

From the early information revealed about Survivor 44, it seems that each camp will have a bird cage that will be deemed as the “Idol Cage” for the castaways.

And the Individual Immunity Idols will be inside of those respective cages.

Survivor 44 twist about the Idols

According to Inside Survivor, the bird cages will each have a real Immunity Idol and a fake Immunity Idol. The cages will also be locked, but a note will reveal how the castaways can attain a key to get inside.

When someone opens the cage for the first time, they will find a bag that contains a real Idol and a fake Idol. That person has to take the real one and put back the fake one for an unsuspecting person to possibly grab.

Since the cages will be right out in the open, it will take a lot of guts and timing for someone to get inside of the cage without being detected. And having a fake Idol left behind will help that first person not be discovered right away.

Will Survivor fans like the Season 44 twist?

For any Survivor fans who have enjoyed the Risk vs Reward theme that has been taking place, this should be a welcome twist to the game.

At the same time, this is a really big change to how the game is played, so it might frustrate some fans who have been watching Survivor for years.

It is going to be very interesting to see how social media responds when the Survivor 44 episodes start rolling out this spring.

Additionally, Jeff Probst recently teased a no-challenge season as something that he has thought about. That could be a really interesting way to play the game, but it might be too far from the original format.

Outside of the game, a feud is taking place between two Survivor winners that has fans picking sides. It has certainly helped create a lot of buzz for the show on social media.

Survivor 44 debuts March 1 on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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Gary Young
Gary Young
1 year ago

You can kill the King with poison, but you can’t become King with poison.