A Survivor season with no challenges?

Jeff Probst Dressed Up
Survivor host Jeff Probst has some ideas about the future of the show. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/Izumi Hasegawa/HollywoodNewsWire

Could Survivor have a season where people compete without any challenges taking place?

It seems that host Jeff Probst has an off-the-wall idea that could certainly shake things up on a future season of the show.

As Inside Survivor reported, some Reward Challenges are already getting edited out of episodes, with the reason being to save time for other topics on a given night.

So would a season without any Reward Challenges or Immunity Challenges actually be interesting?

It’s hard to picture people splitting up into tribes and then voting each other out based simply on how they interact at the tribes, but maybe that’s how most of the tribe votes go already?

For Survivor fans, taking away all of the challenges might make it more difficult to get into the episodes, though, because it would then boil down to just an hour of people hanging out in Fiji.

What did Jeff Probst say about a no-challenge Survivor?

It was on The Friendship Onion podcast where Jeff touched on the topic of a Survivor season with no challenges, and his thoughts might be a bit controversial to people who have watched the show for years.

And Jeff definitely knows that people are paying very close attention to any shifts in rules or the format of the show.

“Maybe. Maybe you don’t have to have them, right? We don’t know. We may get to a season where we don’t do that, and people will go, ‘Oh my God, you’ve blown it again!'” Jeff stated when talking about challenges on the show.

He is right in his assumption that people might not take it well. We needn’t look any further than the backlash that took place when the Survivor producers shortened the 39-day seasons down to just 26 days.

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