Survivor 44 winner: Fiji may already have a new Sole Survivor

Surprised Jeff Probst Survivor
Jeff Probst is the host for Survivor 44 as well. Pic credit: CBS

The Survivor 44 winner was probably just revealed in Fiji as production of a new season wrapped up. But don’t expect to see those episodes very soon.

Maryanne Oketch won Survivor 42, with the Spring 2022 season of the show recently coming to a close. But even as the episodes were being shown, Survivor 43 was already filming episodes.

In recent years, the production team has taken to filming seasons back-to-back. It’s a way to cut down on costs and get everything wrapped up in less than three months’ time.

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Based on the filming schedule for the show, it looks like two new seasons of the show are now in the editing process to debut during the next television season.

Survivor 44 winner already named?

“Good luck to the #Survivor 44 cast as they begin their journey!” wrote Martin Holmes of Inside Survivor at the end of May.

This came soon after Survivor 43 filming came to an end, with that new season revealing its winner in Fiji before the cast flew back to the United States. And with only about a week between one season ending and the next one beginning, the Survivor 44 cast was flown out.

Survivor 44 News
Some Survivor 44 news. Pic credit: @RedmondSurvivor/Twitter

Survivor news and notes

To summarize everything, Survivor 43 and Survivor 44 each filmed episodes that will air soon on CBS. Survivor 43 debuts on September 21 on CBS, and Survivor 44 will arrive in late winter or early Spring 2023.

One of the new things that producers have been doing is having the winner revealed while the cast is still in Fiji. This eliminates the need for an additional Survivor Reunion that has to be filmed in person.

Producers have also opened applications for Survivor 45, so fans who want a chance at competing for that $1 million prize can shoot their shot.

In other words, Survivor fans definitely have a lot to look forward to, which is helped by how the show continues to do well in the TV ratings. Recently, Survivor was even named the best reality show of the last 30 years.

As for the short-term, here is a look at the Survivor 43 TV schedule for Fall 2022.

The WORST Thing About EVERY Survivor Season

For any Survivor fans who want to go back and watch older seasons of the show, they are all available for streaming through Paramount+. That’s a great way to watch how people like Boston Rob Mariano or Parvati Shallow played the game.

Survivor 44 will debut on CBS in Spring 2023.

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