Survivor 44: New episode teases medical evacuation

Survivor 44 Episode 5
Matt Grinstead-Mayle is making moves on Survivor 44. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 44 has a TV promo running on CBS for Episode 5.

The new episode arrives on March 29, and only 13 castaways remain in the $1 million competition.

Five people have been eliminated, including Bruce Perreault from hitting his head.

Host Jeff Probst invited Bruce back to Survivor, meaning fans will see him again soon.

Four Tribal Councils have also led to Maddy Pomilla, Helen Li, Claire Rafson, and Sarah Wade getting voted out.

Now, a new TV promo teases another medical evacuation, but is this just misdirection by the producers?

Survivor 44, Episode 5 TV promo

Below is the TV promo that CBS is running for the March 29 episode of Survivor 44.

Matthew Grinstead-Mayle plays a big part in the footage, talking about his injury and then hugging someone as if to indicate he is tapping out.

It also looks like there will be some more drama with the Tika tribe, and Yam Yam might be on an island.

“Tribes must weave their way through the Reward Challenge to earn power in the game; one person from each tribe is chosen to go on a journey, but there’s a catch,” reads the full synopsis for the new episode called The Third Turd.

Hopefully, this latest journey doesn’t include more Immunity Idols because Season 44 is overrun.

Through the first four episodes, 11 Survivor 44 Immunity Idols have surfaced. And, yes, that counts the one that Matthew created from scratch.

Survivor 44 has been a busy season

Many Survivor fans have been debating the gameplay of Carolyn Wiger this season.

Some Survivor fans even felt Carolyn kept the wrong Idol after she got into the birdcage Tika.

And due to what happened this season, Jeff stated that Survivor castaways are allowed to cheat. It answered some big questions that fans have had over the years.

As for the rules, Jeff also states that producers will examine the sit-out rules after seeing the way that Claire Rafson played.

For anyone unclear about the policy, here is a breakdown of the Survivor sit-out rules.

Regarding the gameplay of Carolyn Wiger, below is a clip of what she pulled off at Tika with their birdcage.

The new episode of Survivor arrives on March 29, and for viewers who want to watch any of the first four episodes from Season 44, everything is available for streaming on Paramount+.

Fans can also tune in for the new podcast from Jeff Probst, where he talks about how the show works. In an earlier episode, Jeff revealed that one castaway threw away an advantage without knowing it.

Survivor 44 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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