Survivor 44: Everything fans should know about the new season

Jeff Probst Survivor 44 Host
Jeff Probst has been the host of Survivor for 44 seasons. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Survivor 44 is the next new season of the hit reality competition show.

Debuting on March 1, 2023, filming was already completed during the Summer of 2022.

There are 18 new castaways who took part, and here is a breakdown of the Survivor 44 cast.

No returners appeared this season, but there are rumors that Season 45 could include some.

The good news is that CBS will jump into the new season, with the Wednesday premiere being two hours long.

It is expected that more footage and TV spots will start coming out as March of 2023 gets a bit closer on the calendar.

Where was Survivor 44 filmed?

Survivor 44 was filmed in Fiji, and the production occurred right after the Survivor 43 winner was named.

Likely, the winner of Season 44 has already been revealed, as the production now includes filming reactions right after the jury has made their votes.

Below is the first full-length trailer for the season that came out, giving us some familiar looks at the water and beaches of Fiji.

And be aware that the first few moments of the trailer hint that an injury will occur with one of the castaways. Later, the trailer shows a medical emergency on the beach.

A new twist with the Spring 2023 Survivor season

One of the big changes coming with the show this spring is how the Hidden Immunity Idols will work.

The Idols aren’t exactly hidden any longer, and here is a breakdown of the new Idol format.

Host Jeff Probst has already insinuated that there are more twists and turns to come, with the continued theme of “Risk and Reward” still being a large part of this new era of Survivor.

Hopefully, nothing regarding an hourglass will be mentioned when the new episodes start rolling out.

More news from the world of Survivor

Some great personal news is coming, with Survivor alum Drea Wheeler close to giving birth. She just took part in Survivor 42 but is now working on the next stage of her life.

Alum Russell Hantz had some fantasy football drama in less-than-savory Survivor news. It led to a lot of buzz among fans and viewers of the show on social media.

And don’t forget, the Survivor 44 season premiere airs at 8/7c on the night of Wednesday, March 1, 2023.

Survivor 44 airs in the Spring of 2023 on CBS.

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