Survivor’s Drea Wheeler shares new pregnancy photo as baby gets close

Drea Wheeler Photo
Drea Wheeler took part in Survivor 42 in Fiji. Pic credit: @drea_wheeler/Instagram

Drea Wheeler from Survivor 42 is getting very close to giving birth.

In a new post that she made online, Drea noted that she is now more than 38 weeks pregnant.

The Survivor alum is married to Mensah Iruoje, who is a commercial pilot and a personal trainer.

Fans of the show first met Drea when she competed in the Spring 2022 season of Survivor. She would end up finishing in seventh place, but she found a fan in singer Sia.

Sia gave Drea a gift of $100,000 after her shocking exit from the show, rewarding her for “being a good person” and providing some very entertaining television.

Even though her Survivor journey came to an end before the final episodes, Drea is now about ready to begin the journey into motherhood.

Drea Wheeler celebrates her baby bump

“‘It doesn’t get any easier, it just gets more uncomfortable’ is what close family and friends tell me about 38+ weeks preggers,” Drea Wheeler wrote as the caption to a beautiful new photo that she shared.

“Bless the partners that navigate around 3rd trimester hormones…. ??‍♀️??,” Drea finished off her post.

In the image that she shared, we see Drea’s husband cradling her baby bump and giving her a romantic kiss on the forehead.

A lot of Survivor alums have already left her with messages of support, and it shouldn’t be too much longer until Drea is sharing baby pictures with the world.

Another season of Survivor is on the way

Survivor 44 is going to begin airing episodes on March 1, 2023. The new season was also filmed in Fiji, with Jeff Probst serving as the host again. He has also stated that this season is going to be more dramatic than most.

Recently, Jeff noted a huge change that Survivor fans will be shocked about. It pertains to how the Hidden Immunity Idols are going to work.

There are going to be some additional twists and turns that set Season 44 apart from past installments, so get ready for a drama-filled presentation this spring.

And for anyone having a hard time passing the time between seasons, Survivor alums were on The Traitors, a new reality competition show that is available for streaming on Peacock. All episodes are ready to be binge-watched.

To go back and re-watch Survivor 42, which featured Drea Wheeler, the full season is available for streaming on Paramount+. That’s also an easy way to watch some of the other great seasons from the past.

Survivor 44 airs in Spring 2023 on CBS.

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