Survivor 44 called ‘an explosive season’ by Jeff Probst

Jeff Probst On Red Carpet
Jeff Probst returns as the host of Survivor 44. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Survivor 44 airs this spring on CBS, with a fresh cast ready to show what they can do.

Recently, a full-length trailer for Survivor 44 was released, and boy, did it pack in the drama and excitement.

Barely 30 seconds into that trailer (linked above), it appears that a member of the cast gets injured while exploring.

And later, we see a medical situation taking place on the beach during one of the challenges.

“One of the most intense, unpredictable, inspirational, and most entertaining seasons of Survivor,” host Jeff Probst can be heard as he narrates the footage.

But ahead of the big release of Survivor Season 44, Jeff also spoke more about what fans can expect from the latest installment to be filmed in Fiji.

Jeff Probst provides Survivor 44 details

“The personalities are huge and wildly entertaining. The gameplay is really fun and very active, and the danger of living in the jungle is real,” Jeff told EW and Dalton Ross.

“As you can tell from the Survivor 44 promo, we have an explosive season heading your way in March,” Jeff also stated.

The first episode arrives on Wednesday, March 1, and the way Jeff tells it, this season is going to be one of the tougher ones that fans have seen in a while.

That sounds pretty exciting, especially if the producers have found a way to make the locale of Fiji even more interesting to 2023 Survivor viewers.

While we do still have a while to wait for the season premiere, it has also been confirmed that it is a 26-day season (rather than 39 days) and that Immunity Idols at camp will work much differently than in the past.

Regarding those Idols, they will be kept in plain sight, with castaways having to take risks, including everyone possibly knowing that they have the Immunity Idol in their possession.

More Survivor news

The ending of Survivor 43 was indeed shocking, leading to some intriguing reactions from Big Brother winners.

And following the big announcement of the winner, singer Sia gave out some prizes to Survivor castaways as well, with the amount totaling $200,000.

Hopefully, this next season of Survivor can live up to the expectations that Jeff Probst has placed upon it, and the early footage certainly seems to point in that direction.

For Survivor fans who want to go back and watch classic seasons during the hiatus, all past episodes are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor 44 debuts March 1 on CBS.

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