Survivor 42 winner? Drea Wheeler says she had the jury votes

Drea Wheeler Leaves Survivor 42
Drea Wheeler finished seventh place on Survivor 42 season. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 42 alum Drea Wheeler has been giving interviews following her elimination episode on the show, and she has provided a lot of interesting commentary from her time in Fiji.

With quite a few powers in her possession, it seemed like Drea had a clear path to at least the final four, but she got the legs of her game cut out from under her during the latest episode.

By a vote of 5-3 (Drea was able to play two votes against Mike Turner), she became the 11th person voted off of Survivor 42 and the fifth member of the jury. On finale night, we will find out who Drea voted for when it came to giving out the $1 million prize.

As for what Drea had to say about her time in Fiji, she spoke in-depth to EW about what went wrong for her. One thing she revealed was that her biggest mistake was trusting Omar Zaheer. That’s something many Survivor fans would agree with her on.

Drea Wheeler says she could have won Survivor 42

“I think I would’ve won for sure. For sure. I was Drea in the game. If anyone who knows me saw me,  they were like, ‘You were yourself.’ I was myself. I played hard. I related to people. I told people how I truly felt. They knew where I stood. I would’ve given honest answers to the jury. I would have won. I genuinely feel like I would’ve won,” Drea said when asked what would have happened had she made it to the final three.

As a reminder, Survivor 42 is another season where there will be a final four challenge shown, with the winner deciding who joins them in front of the jury and which two people battle it out in a Fire Challenge. That should be a very interesting portion of the season finale.

More news and notes about Survivor 42

The penultimate episode of Survivor 42 comes up on May 18, setting the stage for what fans will get to see during the three-hour season finale on May 25. Someone will be eliminated on Wednesday night, leaving just five people in the game.

For people who want to jump ahead, we have some possible spoilers about who gets eliminated next. A lot of information about the Survivor 42 boot list was leaked online, leading to the revelation of who might be sitting in the final three this time around.

No matter how the season finale turns out or who wins Survivor 42, fans of the show can start looking forward to new content arriving in the fall. Survivor 43 is already in production, with new episodes coming to CBS after the long summer hiatus.

For any Survivor fans who need to get caught up on previous episodes from Season 42, they can be streamed using Paramount+.

Survivor 42 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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