Summer House newbie West goes from fan-favorite to villain after reunion airs

Summer House star West Wilson screenshot
West Wilson is no longer the Summer House fan-favorite. Pic credit: Bravo

Summer House Season 8 rookie West Wilson is getting roasted on social media after Part 1 of the reunion played out.

The newbie captured our hearts when he joined the show and quickly became a fan-favorite but just as quickly he has now become the villain.

Viewers were totally shipping his budding romance with castmate Ciara Miller as we watched their relationship blossom over the summer, but West’s good guy act was all for show.

After the cameras wrapped he and Ciara continued their relationship, and she thought things were getting serious.

He took her to his parent’s home, introduced her to his brother, and even went to a wedding together. As it turns out, West had other plans that didn’t include Ciara.

She found out he wanted to be single and ready to mingle with the women jumping in his DMs due to his newfound fame and all the attention he was getting from the show.

It all came to light during Part 1 of the reunion as a tearful Ciara admitted she eventually slept with West before he dropped her like stale bread.

West Wilson disappoints Summer House fans with his treatment of Ciara

Part 1 was quite a revelation for Summer House viewers, who were hoping for a positive relationship update from Ciara and West.

Sadly, it’s the love story that never was as the Season 8 newbie allowed the show to get to his head.

“You’re telling me that you can’t commit, because, basically for show-related” reasons,” said Ciara during her faceoff with West.

Ciara’s bestie Paige Desorba also confronted him saying, “Right when cameras went down and the DMs started flooding, you didn’t need her anymore and you were kinda out.”

Viewers drag West online as he goes from fan-favorite to villain

After Part 1 of the reunion aired, West took to social media but didn’t mention the show, instead sharing a sports-related post.

However, that didn’t stop angry Summer House fans from jumping into the comments to roast him for trying to play Ciara.

“A kickball post instead of a heartfelt apology for treating a woman who was genuine with you like s**t?! Yeah no… BYE!” wrote a commenter.

“The fact that you fumbled Ciara because you were just too excited about the attention from other women you were going to get 😭😭😭 you just showed your true colours,” wrote someone else.

One Instagram user exclaimed “Genuinely wasn’t thinking WEST OF ALL PEOPLE would become the villain of the season. WTF.”

Summer House fans blast West Wilson
Summer House fans weigh in. Pic credit: @westling.conrad/Instagram

Someone else added, “What a disappointment. Ended up being worst than Austin and that saying a lot! Ciara definitely deserves way better than a 🤡.”

Summer House airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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