Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis didn’t see her kids for Mother’s Day, Thomas Ravenel weighs in

Kathryn Dennis selfie
Kathryn Dennis didn’t see her kids on Mother’s Day. Pic credit: @kathryndennis/Instagram

Things have been tough for former Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis.

Despite reportedly filming briefly with Craig Conover, the fiery redhead didn’t return for Season 9 of the Bravo show.

Season 8 was tumultuous for Kathryn, with her relationship with Chelb Ravenell falling apart as filming continued.

Her relationship with Thomas Ravenel, her ex and the father of her children, has been up and down for years.

Kathryn shares two children with him, and they currently reside with him. She hasn’t revealed the entire story about what happened to cause him to regain full custody, but she did confirm they lived with him full-time.

Mother’s Day was challenging for the reality TV star, who did not see her daughter and son.

Kathryn Dennis hints at parental alienation

On a recent Instagram Story shared by Kathryn Dennis, the former Southern Charm it girl, mentioned parental alienation and offered a link.

The story has since expired, but Bravo Snark Side captured it with Thomas Ravenel’s response.

Things between the former flames have been contentious for years. They broke up and made up several times while filming Southern Charm, but when they were done for good, things got ugly.

While Kathryn claims parental alienation, Thomas says she didn’t see the kids on Mother’s Day because she failed to make plans.

He claims she had “every opportunity” to see their children for the day of celebrating mothers. Thomas also accused Kathryn of lying and deceiving Kensie and Saint.

Will Kathryn Dennis return to Southern Charm?

Southern Charm Season 10 was given the green light, and filming should be happening now or shortly.

It was confirmed that Salley Carson was joining the cast. She isn’t a new face for those who have watched Southern Hospitality.

However, Kathryn Dennis’ name was not on the shortlist. After her Season 8 exit, fans have been begging for her return. She is friends with the guys, and she and Madison were in a good place following the Season 8 reunion.

There were rumblings that while Season 8 was filming, Kathryn became challenging to work with. Allegedly, she missed filming times, and it was clear things were erratic when she was dealing with Chleb Ravenell and their imploding relationship.

It’s unlikely she will return to the series, as casting seems to be moving forward and changing from the way things were when Southern Charm initially premiered.

Southern Charm is currently on hiatus.

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I would love to see Kathryn back on the show