Bachelor Nation’s Salley Carson joins Southern Charm for Season 10

Salley Carson selfie
Salley Carson is joining Season 10 of Southern Charm. Pic credit: @salleycarson/Instagram

From ABC to Bravo, Salley Carson is making big moves in the reality TV world.

It isn’t surprising to learn that Salley will join Season 10 of Southern Charm. She is now based in Charleston, South Carolina.

During Season 2 of Southern Hospitality, Salley worked at Republic (the lounge owned by Southern Charm’s Leva Bonaparte). She had a little thing with Joe Bradley, though it didn’t last long.

She attempted to play him by lying about kissing TJ’s roommate, Gaston. It had all the makings of juicy drama, which is likely why Bravo moved her to the main show and didn’t keep her on the spin-off.

However, before appearing on Bravo, she was a part of Bachelor Nation.

That’s right. Salley made a name for herself on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, and the impression wasn’t great either.

Salley Carson on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise

While some Bachelor Nation fans may be scratching their heads trying to place who Salley Carson is, others know her immediately.

She appeared on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor and self-eliminated before the show started. He was interested in keeping her around, even offering her a rose to stay. However, she declined.

That wasn’t her last stint in the franchise, though. Salley popped up on Bachelor in Paradise and left almost immediately after delaying her arrival. She didn’t mesh well with the women, who were convinced she had been with her ex before heading to Mexico. They were right, though.

Salley Carson’s connection to Southern Charm

After working at Republic and being connected on some level to Leva Bonaparte, it’s a no-brainer she would move to the mothership.

Southern Charm needs fresh faces, and since Cameran Eubanks and Chelsea Meissner aren’t coming back, there are limited options.

Salley Carson may film with Taylor Ann Green, especially since the latter is dating TJ’s roommate, Gaston. Yes, the same one Salley was kissing while lying to Joe Bradley. Oh, what a tangled web they weave!

There’s been a rumored cast shakeup ahead of Season 10 of Southern Charm, and only Madison LeCroy has confirmed her return. She will also likely film with Salley, as she has mentioned the two are friends.

From The Bachelor to Southern Charm, Salley Carson is switching gears in the reality TV realm, and honestly, it will be a refreshing addition to the show for its milestone season.

Southern Charm is currently on hiatus.

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