Southern Hospitality is the best show you’re not watching

Maddi Reese on Southern Hospitality Season 2.
Maddi Reese is done with the lies. Pic credit: Bravo

There’s an endless stream of Bravo content at the moment, thanks to the drama of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Married to Medicine, and Vanderpump Rules, but one show people are unceremoniously overlooking is Southern Hospitality.

Armed with a dynamic cast and drama reminiscent of those early days of Vanderpump Rules, it deserves far more recognition than it gets.

In today’s TV climate, the Bravo shows with the most scandalous moments get all of the attention, so it’s upsetting that a show featuring one of the most authentic casts to grace our screen in a long time isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

For those uninitiated, Southern Hospitality follows Southern Charm‘s Leva Bonaparte and the staff at her restaurants and bars.

Southern Hospitality Season 1 featured plenty of conflict thanks to the ever-shifting dynamics in the core friendship group.

The cast clocked in enough to all be asked back for Southern Hospitality Season 2, and the show leveled up between seasons because everyone brought their A-games to deliver the messy drama expected from the show.

Southern Hospitality is reminiscent of the early days of Vanderpump Rules

The closest Bravo comparison is Vanderpump Rules and the ill-fated E! series The Abbey – both began with twentysomethings trying to make ends meet in the LA bar scene.

Vanderpump Rules has morphed into something else entirely, with the bars only serving as places for the cast to have screaming matches at events because they don’t work there anymore.

There have been complaints for years that Bravo should refresh the cast and get back to that level of insanity, but Southern Hospitality seems to fit the bill, albeit with a Charleston backdrop.

Now is the best time to dive into Southern Hospitality because the series has caught up to the cheating bombshells we’ve heard about since before the second season.

Southern Hospitality Season 2’s cheating scandal may have been fabricated

Maddi Reese is slowly but surely getting all the details about her ex-boyfriend Trevor Stokes’ affair, and the raw emotion that’s about to ensue as she realizes one of her closest friends could have orchestrated a lie to derail her relationship promises to set the show further apart from its Bravo counterparts.

There’s a big element of betrayal for Maddi as she tries to get to the root of who started the rumors about Trevor and, more importantly, whether he cheated on her.

It’s been stressful to watch because every time you think it’s going one way, it takes a hard left turn.

Southern Hospitality needs more fans to see a third season

The aftermath promises to fracture the cast like never before, which bodes well for a third season.

In-fighting on these shows keeps them on viewers’ radar, but unless more people start talking about the show, it won’t live to see a third season.

Bravo has revealed the series viewership has risen almost 40 percent vs. its first season, which signals things are moving in the right direction.

If you’re looking for a reality TV series with some of the messiest personalities to grace the small screen, Southern Hospitality is the one for you.

Southern Hospitality airs on Bravo on Thursdays at 9/8c.

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22 days ago

The problem is Leva…She is not a fan fave on SC and many fans don’t want to see her on SH.