Some ways Big Brother can fix its Invisible HOH problem

Claire On Big Brother 23
Claire Rehfuss was an Invisible HOH on the Big Brother 23 cast. Pic credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

The Invisible Head of Household is a Big Brother twist that could use some work.

At its core, having an Invisible HOH is a good idea.

The houseguests not knowing who is in charge helps add excitement to that given week.

But it could be done so much better than the BB25 incarnation.

Jag Bains became the Invisible HOH, and then he told most of the BB25 cast about it.

Before the Sunday episode aired on CBS and viewers learned who had the power, Jag had told his secret to nearly every remaining houseguest.

Time to shift the rules on the Invisible HOH

One of the most disliked components of the Invisible HOH is that the producers acted like houseguests didn’t know what was happening.

At the Eviction Ceremony for Jag’s Invisible HOH week, the producers had him pretend to place a vote with host Julie Chen Moonves. That was an embarrassing moment on the show. Every houseguest knew he was the HOH at that point.

If the twist returns for Big Brother 26, the rule should be that the Invisible HOH cannot tell anyone. At worst, maybe allow them to tell one person. Keeping it a secret could ramp up the drama in a game that could use a boost.

And if the Invisible HOH breaks that rule, there should be some consequences. At the very least, they should not be allowed to play in the next HOH Competition if the secret comes out. But maybe go as far as saying the Invisible HOH becomes a nominee if they blab.

Reward the Invisible HOH for keeping the secret

A twist that could be fun for the Big Brother live feeds is to keep the identity of the Invisible HOH a secret.

And if the Insvible HOH can remain anonymous, reward them for doing it. It could be a cash prize or something else in the game. Maybe a dinner or movie party?

Keeping that secret from the live feed viewers could provide some additional excitement. It would lead to the fans debating about who must be in power. It might also lead to a boost in viewership numbers during that week.

More news from Big Brother

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America Lopez shaded Bowie Jane in her exit interview, using colorful terms to describe how she felt about her fellow houseguest.

And Cirie Fields flipped off Jag Bains in the Big Brother backyard. She has had enough of playing the game this season.

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