Sister Wives spoiler: Kody Brown ‘no longer the head’ of his wives’ households who refuse to follow his rules

Sister Wives star Kody Brown
Kody Brown’s “heart was broken” when he felt as though he wasn’t the “head” of his households. Pic credit: TLC

In tonight’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown felt as though he lost control as the “head” of his wives’ households and it “broke his heart.”

Continuing into Season 16, the Brown family’s struggles continue when it comes to not agreeing on COVID-19 protocols as a large, polygamous family.

As we are seeing this season, the pandemic continued to magnify the family’s communication breakdown.

The Browns meet for first time in 5 months amid pandemic

Janelle wanted the whole family to get together for a socially-distanced cookout at their property on Coyote Pass.

Janelle and Kody’s son Hunter was getting ready to head off to Baltimore, Maryland for college and wanted to see the family one last time.

It had been nearly half a year since Kody, his four wives, and their children got together due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Although the idea sounded good to Janelle and her family, some of the rest of the family – namely Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn – weren’t so excited to get together for fear they would spread the virus.

Christine sided with Janelle and even admitted to visiting Janelle and her kids several times throughout the pandemic without socially distancing and without telling Kody.

Janelle and her kids continued to interact as usual within the community and Christine and her kids continued to travel outside of Flagstaff, putting up a red flag for Robyn, who was the most overly cautious of the group.

Meri revealed that she had been quarantined alone in her home for the last two weeks, but she typically doesn’t see Kody or the rest of the family often anyway, so she didn’t really have to change her routine too much.

Kody Brown’s wives continue to disagree on Sister Wives

During their family picnic — which involved Robyn incessantly reminding the youngest kids to keep their distance from each other — the topic of getting together for the holidays came up.

Because the Brown family was living as four separate families who couldn’t agree on how to handle COVID-19 protocols within their own family, the discussion was not a pleasant one.

Janelle admitted during her confessional that the family picnic was not the place to bring up gathering for the holidays, mainly because there was no solution to their dilemma.

Janelle’s inclinations were right because at one point during the conversation, things got heated between Kody and his and Janelle’s sons, who didn’t agree about separating their family.

Kody Brown is ‘heartbroken’ that he’s no longer the ‘head of household’

“I’m literally suffering from hurt feelings by my family’s refusal to abide by COVID[-19] quarantine protocols,” Kody confessed during his solo session on the couch.

The father of 18 added, “I want to do the right thing and it’s breaking my heart that I have been marginalized to the point that I am no longer the head of my household in a couple of homes.”

For the most part, Kody, his wives, and their children enjoyed their time together at Coyote Pass.

Christine reflected on their day during her confessional and told the camera, “Everyone pretty much kept their distance for the most part. Um, but, it was a really good time.”

Be sure to tune in tonight to catch the rest of the episode and see what else contributed to Christine and Kody’s recent split.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Phyllis Watkins
Phyllis Watkins
2 years ago

People need to stop dissing Kody as if he was a patriarchal monster, he is NOT! He tries his best to not be overbearing but he has 4 separate families to consider and while time is wasting he HAS TO make a decision about building on the property. Several people with varying wants and likes and we must be down on Kody for trying his best to navigate his way through the different wants of his wives. He’s frustrated and I don’t blame him for speaking his mind at last. I don’t like the very concept of plural marriage and while the entire family spent some years absolutely as one in thought, it’s inevitable that with 18 kids and 4 wives, there would be conflict as the years pass by. Let Christine leave, she’s unhappy and the whole plural marriage thing doesn’t help a woman’s misery.

2 years ago

I feel sorry the children on the show. Their own father doesn’t live in the house with them full-time and all of the kids are half-sisters and half-brothers to one another, and they too don’t live together. They aren’t brought up like real sisters and brothers in the same home even though they all have the same father.

2 years ago

what freaking loser