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Sister Wives spoiler: Janelle Brown’s son Gabe says dad Kody’s rules are ‘literally ruining’ the family

Gabe and Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Kody and Janelle Brown’s son Gabe was not happy with his dad’s strict rules for the family amid the pandemic. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Kody Brown’s strict pandemic rules for his family didn’t go over well with his and Janelle’s son Gabe, who said Kody’s protocols are “literally ruining” their family.

Kody Brown’s rules for his family amid the pandemic have caused disparity among his wives and kids, who don’t all agree with his ultra strict protocols.

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown and her kids discuss plans for the holidays

In this week’s episode of Sister Wives, Gabe Brown made it known that he is fed up with his dad Kody Brown’s “bulls**t.”

In a clip from Sunday’s episode, (as shared by Hollywood Life), Janelle Brown talked with her kids Garrison, Gabe, and Savanah about their upcoming Thanksgiving plans.

Janelle told her kids that she was open to going somewhere for Thanksgiving and said that she explained to Kody that their plans entailed traveling somewhere outside of Flagstaff.

“Isn’t Christine traveling too?” Gabe asked his mom of Kody’s third wife.

Janelle wasn’t sure but assured Gabe that she would be getting together with Christine in a day or so to decide on their plans.

Gabe presented an idea to his mom, “If she’s traveling and she’s cool with it, why don’t we just do Thanksgiving with Christine?”

Gabe added, “Dad can do his bulls**t and we’ll do ours.”

Both Gabe and his older brother Garrison agreed that they would prefer to travel if Christine was traveling for Thanksgiving, but they would decide to stay in Flagstaff if that’s what Christine’s plans were.

Gabe made it clear to Janelle that regardless of their Thanksgiving plans, he was not going to stop seeing his girlfriend. He also mentioned that Christine doesn’t mind that he spends time with his girlfriend saying, “I go over to her house.”

“My kids are very attached to Christine,” Janelle confessed during a solo interview while Christine admitted that she “adores” Janelle’s kids and they are just “part of her soul.”

Gabe Brown on dad Kody’s rules: ‘Literally ruining our family’

Back outside, Garrison – who Kody suggested Janelle kick out of her house for not following his rules – made it clear that he wanted to talk to Kody about the situation, calling it “ridiculous.”

“I’m tired of it,” Gabe chimed in. “It’s literally ruining our family.”

During her confessional, Janelle admitted that her brain was fried from the disparity between her sons’ and Kody’s beliefs, which are polar opposites.

“My boys and Kody, they’re in these very opposite camps and there’s no give and take,” Janelle added. “It’s just talk, talk, talk, try to convince, convince, convince, of your point of view. That’s it.”

When it comes to the Brown family trying to compromise, Janelle admitted that it isn’t likely.

“I’ve been trying for nine months to get us to find some sort of middle ground and there is no give on any side,” Janelle revealed.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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