Sister Wives fans show concern for Kody and Robyn Brown’s son Solomon after latest episode

Kody and Solomon Brown of Sister Wives
After last week’s episode, Sister Wives fans showed concern for Kody Brown’s youngest son, Solomon. Pic credit: TLC

After last week’s episode, Sister Wives viewers are showing concern for Kody and Robyn Brown’s youngest son, Solomon.

During the episode, wittily titled Cistern Wives, Kody and Janelle met at Coyote Pass along with Kody and Robyn’s 10-year-old son, Solomon.

Kody was finally having a cistern installed on the family’s property so they would have access to water, a big step moving forward towards building on their land.

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During the scene when the cistern was being delivered, Kody encouraged Solomon to explore in the hole where a trench was dug, but Janelle intervened, worried about Solomon’s safety.

It seemed Solomon wasn’t as interested in everything going on as Kody hoped he would be. At one point, Kody put his hand on the back of Solomon’s neck and turned his head towards the oncoming cistern delivery truck.

Afterward, Solomon grabbed his neck where Kody had his hands, suggesting that his dad might have been a little rough during his enthusiasm.

Sister Wives fans are concerned for Kody Brown’s son Solomon

Now, Sister Wives fans are showing concern for Solomon and took to a Reddit thread called “Am I the only one who thinks something strange is going on with Solomon?” to discuss it.

“I don’t know if he’s just naturally pale, lean, and introverted (all of which are normal) or not thriving because he’s so sheltered,” expressed one concerned Sister Wives fan. “He looks like he doesn’t get much physical activity, sunlight, food, or social interaction.”

sister wives fans discussed solomon's wellbeing on reddit
Pic credit: u/ScullysMom77/Reddit

Another Sister Wives viewer commented and felt that Solomon’s biological mom, Robyn Brown, is overly protective of her youngest son and thought Kody was just trying to tap into Solomon’s playful side by playing in the ditch.

“He seems very shy and sheltered,” the Redditor commented. “Robyn must be very over protective hence Janelle’s comment stating if his mom would want him to climb into the hole. I got the sense that Kody was trying to get him to be more of a “boy” and play outside in the dirt and to climb into the hole while his mother wasn’t around.”

sister wives fans discussed solomon's wellbeing on reddit
Pic credit: u/HolyGhost_AfterDark/Reddit

Does Robyn Brown coddle her and Kody’s son Solomon?

Another Sister Wives fan commented that Robyn is likely too overly protective with Solomon, and Kody tries to bring him out of his shell and let him have fun.

“Sol is 10 and is still very much treated like a toddler and coddled by Robyn,” their comment read. “I actually got the impression that Kody was trying to push him out of his bubble comfort zone since Robyn wasn’t around and actually let him play and get dirty.”

sister wives fans discussed solomon's wellbeing on reddit
Pic credit: u/Fraggle-of-the-rock/Reddit

Robyn has been Kody’s only wife who has adamantly enforced his strict and “inhumane” COVID-19 protocols for their large, polygamous family.

Due to Solomon suffering RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) as a baby, Robyn was very concerned when the coronavirus pandemic first hit about protecting her family’s health.

However, Robyn and Kody seemed to have loosened up on their strict rules as they were spotted recently shopping at Victoria’s Secret without wearing face masks.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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