Sister Wives: Meri Brown calls out Kody, says he’s ‘the great interrupter’

Meri Brown of Sister Wives
Meri Brown of Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC

On a recent episode of Sister Wives, viewers saw Kody Brown accuse his first wife, Meri of only caring about “Meri, Mariah and Audrey.”

When Meri panicked that she and Kody’s daughter, Mariah would be stuck in Chicago, Kody wasn’t happy and he let out all of his emotions. With Mariah and her fiancée in Chicago during the height of the pandemic, and the news warning that Chicago will be the next big infected city, they wanted them to come to Arizona immediately.

Meri told Kody she had an ’emergency’

Meri even offered to get a flight that very night or the next morning. She called Kody to tell him she had an “emergency” situation that required his physical presence.

When Kody arrived, he discovered that Meri’s “emergency” was her desire to fly to Chicago to “rescue” her girls (her affectionate term for Mariah and Audrey). Kody and Meri call Mariah and Audrey while the cameras rolled.

Kody asked the girls how much stuff they had in terms of furniture to be moved back to Meri’s house in Arizona. Hearing that they really didn’t have that much, Kody recommended that they leave their furniture in Chicago and buy new furniture, a cheaper option than Meri and Kody flying out to Chicago.

Meri felt like she ‘didn’t even exist’ when Kody talked to Mariah

Meri felt ignored, like she “didn’t even exist,” during the conversation. The plan in her mind had been to fly to Chicago, help the girls move, then fly back with them to Arizona.

Kody and Meri Brown with Mariah and Audrey of Sister Wives
Kody and Meri Brown with Mariah and Audrey. Pic credit: TLC

Kody brought up to Meri that her flying to Chicago would only jeopardize the family more in terms of exposure to the virus. Meri said, “This is my daughter and I’m going to go help them” explaining that she didn’t feel right about leaving all that moving to just Mariah and Audrey. 

During his confessional, Kody told cameras, “Listen I don’t want to shut Meri down but in the… so I’m being really careful cuz Meri’s in a bit of a panic mode.” He later said, “And I don’t wanna stop her because she’ll fight me.”

Meri made a statement aimed at scolding Kody

Meri Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Meri Brown on Twitter. Pic credit@MeriBrown1/Twitter

Kody continued, “Meri thinks about Meri, Mariah and Audrey. I’m required to consider the entire family.” Kody told cameras during his confessional that Meri’s “purpose in life” was to be “there rescuing them.”

Meri finally conceded to Kody and told cameras during her confessional, “I don’t like it when he makes sense when I want to do something” with an eye roll and a sigh. The scene ended with Kody reassuring Meri that Mariah and Audrey can handle the move alone.

Meri called Kody ‘the great interrupter’

Meri Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Meri Brown on Twitter. Pic credit: @MeriBrown1/Twitter

Meri also took time during the live-tweet session to call Kody “the great interrupter.” She tweeted, “‘Let someone finish’ says the great interrupter who never let’s anyone else speak their thoughts….” along with the hashtag #sisterwives. Meri was referring to another scene in the episode where Kody claimed he was tired of being interrupted by his wives.

Meri has been much more present and outspoken recently. Perhaps she’s taking clues from her husband, Kody who fans know has done his fair share of being much more present and outspoken himself.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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