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Sister Wives: Janelle Brown called out troll who made false accusations about her grandchildren

Janelle Brown of Sister Wives
Janelle set the record straight when a troll made false accusations about her grandchildren. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown set the record straight after a troll pretended to know more about her life than she does, specifically when it comes to her family.

Janelle joined her sister wives Meri and Robyn on Sunday night during the season finale episode for one last live-tweet session.

During the finale episode, viewers watched as Kody visited with Janelle to go over their calendar together. Janelle voiced to Kody that she would be leaving for about a month to be with Maddie while their granddaughter, Evie, had surgery.

Evie had a partial amputation performed on one of her legs and the webbing clipped on one of her hands to improve mobility due to her genetic condition, FATCO syndrome, which causes abnormal bone growth.

Janelle traveled to North Carolina to be with Maddie and Evie for her surgery

Kody was initially apprehensive about Janelle flying to North Carolina, over fear of exposing the virus to the family.

Janelle wasn’t negotiating the fact that she would be with their daughter and family, so she decided she would quarantine after the trip, which meant she wouldn’t see Kody for about a month as a result.

Janelle Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
A troll made false accusations about Janelle’s family. Pic credit: @JanelleBrown117/Twitter

The drama started when Janelle tweeted in response to a fan who had written that they would have made the same decision and gone to be with Maddie and her family.

When Janelle tweeted about being a grandma, a troll went off, making false accusations

The fan tweeted to Janelle, “I would totally want to be there for Axel, but also to help Maddie & Caleb. Surgery on your baby is always stressful; family support means everything! Glad Evie is doing so well now. Such a cutie.”

Janelle’s response that set off the troll said, “Thank you – she is a bright bright spot. I love both of my grand-babies beyond anything I could have imagined before being a grandma !”

Janelle Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Janelle explained why she flew to NC for Evie’s surgery. Pic credit: @JanelleBrown117/Twitter

The troll didn’t realize that the episode was filmed before one of the Brown’s grandchildren was born

The troll responded to Janelle’s tweet, saying, “So does Mykelti’s kid not count as a grandbaby to you? you sure can’t even make the time to video call the poor girl who is supposedly part of your own family”

Janelle put the troll on blast when she quote retweeted their tweet and responded, “Avalon was just born. This was last summer . And it’s amazing you know everything going on every minute of my life. So not sure your point . Unless you are just trying to be a troll”

The know-it-all commenter was referring to Avalon Asa, Christine and Kody’s only biological grandchild, who was welcomed into the world earlier this month by Kody and Christine’s daughter, Mykelti.

Janelle Brown of Sister Wives on Twitter
Janelle explained why she flew to NC last year. Pic credit: @JanelleBrown117/Twitter

This season’s episodes were filmed almost entirely during the pandemic

The episodes during this season were filmed last year, at the start of the pandemic, and were mostly filmed from the family’s cell phones, as film crews were forced to shut down.

Obviously, the troll didn’t pay attention to the fact that the episode was filmed nearly a year prior.

Earlier in the night, Janelle had tweeted to her 168.3k followers the reason why she flew to North Carolina during the height of the pandemic.

She explained, “Maddie and Caleb didn’t have a support network in N.C. – there was no one to help take care of Axel during the surgery. The baby needed the surgery due to growth time tables.”

Although Janelle stays level-headed, she isn’t afraid to defend herself when attacked

Janelle typically steers clear of drama, but this season, she has defended herself more than ever.

A few weeks ago, Janelle got down to business when she announced she was blocking trolls on Twitter. And she stood up for herself after her husband Kody criticized her parenting decisions.

Janelle stays active on her social media accounts, so fans will have to follow her for updates as they await a new season of Sister Wives.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.