Sister Wives fans think Mykelti and Tony’s daughter Avalon resembles her grandfather, Kody Brown

Mykelti and Tony Padron and Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Fans of Sister Wives are saying Mykelti and Tony’s daughter Avalon resembles her grandfather, Kody Brown. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown seems to have some strong genes! Fans can’t get over how much Kody’s daughter Mykelti and her husband Tony Padron’s daughter Avalon resemble her grandfather.

Mykelti regularly keeps her followers updated on her daughter, Avalon Asa, who was born in April and is now four months old.

Mykelti Brown shared video of her four-month-old daughter Avalon

Mykelti recently shared some video of Avalon, and one Sister Wives fan took a screenshot and shared it to a thread on Reddit titled, “Tony’s Mini Me.”

In the picture, Mykelti smiled big for the camera as she held Avalon in her arms, and Avalon stared at the camera with her big blue eyes and blonde hair with a serious expression on her face.

Despite the title of the thread, many Sister Wives fans couldn’t help but notice that Avalon resembled another member of the Brown family — her grandfather, Kody Brown.

Sister Wives fans think Avalon resembles her grandfather Kody Brown

In addition to many fans saying Avalon resembled her father, Tony Padron, one Reddit user added, “Is it just me or do you guys see a sprinkle of Kody as well?”

Mykelti Brown-Padron of Sister Wives on Reddit
A Sister Wives fan created a thread on Reddit talking about who Avalon resembles. Pic credit: u/Joeykins0303/Reddit

Another Reddit user agreed with the comment and poked fun at Kody for moving his family so often.

Their comment said, “That baby looks like she’s about to propose a cross country move lol. Very cute girl though.”

One Reddit user mocked Kody’s hairstyle and agreed with the comment, “Yes! Just needs a permed wig ?”

Mykelti Brown-Padron of Sister Wives on Reddit
Sister Wives fans thought Avalon looked like her grandfather, Kody Brown. Pic credit: u/Joeykins0303/Reddit

Nearly all of Kody’s children have blonde hair and blue eyes

A Sister Wives fan commented on the thread and noted that Kody’s genes seem to be dominant and said, “I see a little bit of Tony in her, but damn, those Brown genes are strong! Her hair has even turned blonde, and I think she might end up having blue eyes (or they were blue and they’re in the process of turning brown). She’s a darling baby!”

Mykelti Brown-Padron of Sister Wives on Reddit
Sister Wives fans think that Kody’s genes for blonde hair and blue eyes are strong. Pic credit: u/Joeykins0303/Reddit

Between his four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, Kody has fathered 15 biological children. Logan, 27, is the Brown family’s eldest child, shared by Kody and second wife Janelle, and Ariella, 5, is the Browns’ youngest child, shared by Kody and fourth wife Robyn.

Nearly all of Kody’s children inherited his blonde hair and blue eyes, with the exception of Logan and Mariah, who are both brunettes.

Mykelti, 25, is the daughter of Kody and his third wife, Christine Brown. In addition to Mykelti, Kody and Christine also share daughters Aspyn, 26, Gwendlyn, 19, Ysabel, 18, and Truely, 11, as well as son Paedon, 22.

This isn’t the first time Mykelti and Tony have received comments on their family’s looks. When TLC shared a post announcing Avalon’s birth, trolls took aim at Tony, insulting his appearance, as well as his character.

Mykelti chose a home birth with Avalon and hinted that the birth will be featured on a future episode of Sister Wives.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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