Sister Wives: Christine Brown continues to share LuLaRoe outfits, fans comment on her weight

Christine Brown of Sister Wives
Christine Brown of Sister Wives. Pic credit: TLC

Christine Brown of Sister Wives hasn’t been joining the rest of the family on Sunday night’s live tweets. She has, however, been continually promoting her LuLaRoe clothing business.

In another outfit post on Thursday, Kody Brown’s third wife shared what she was wearing with the caption, “Sometimes outfits just come together! #lularoecharlie #lularoe #lularoecheryl #lularoeleggings #leggings #lularoeretailer

The long-haired blonde was wearing a peach colored blouse, a mauve cardigan, multi-colored pink snakeskin leggings, and knee-high brown boots. She posed on a stool in front of her racks of clothing and looked relaxed.

Christine has noticeably lost weight and fans commented

Viewers have taken notice of the reality star’s recent weight loss. Some have shown concern for her health, others have complimented her newly trim figure, and others were just plain mean.

One follower asked what diet Christine followed, noting that she looked fantastic. Another fan answered for her, saying, “probably the stress diet” with a crying laughing emoji.

Christine has lost a considerable amount of weight since the show first aired, but has not commented on her figure. Some fans of the show speculate that the stress from the move, troubles in her marriage, and conflict among her sister wives may be root causes.

Christine has six kids with patriarch Kody Brown. The family has moved numerous times over the years.

When Christine first joined the family, Kody was already married to Meri and Janelle. The four of them lived briefly in Wyoming, then moved to Utah in the house viewers saw in the first season.

Some fans praised Christine’s new figure

Christine Brown of Sister Wives on Instagram
Christine Brown of Sister Wives on Instagram. Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

The family moved from Lehi, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada to avoid possible legal troubles for being polygamists. At the time, Utah’s anti-polygamy laws were much stricter, and the adults could have been charged with a felony.

Once in Vegas, it seemed as though the family had everything they could ask for: four brand new homes, one for each wife and her kids, all situated on a cul-de-sac to allow Kody easy access to visit his kids and wives. The Browns finally settled into a routine and a new life, only to have it all uprooted again with a move to Flagstaff.

Christine Brown of Sister Wives on Instagram
Christine Brown on Instagram. @christine_brownsw/Instagram

Christine has become increasingly outspoken this season about everything

Christine has said that she feels as though everyone else hates her. She has shared her recollection of Kody’s showering habits from years ago that still bother her.

She has also been the only wife adamantly against Kody’s one-house idea. Christine is the only wife who isn’t active on Twitter. And she recently poured her feelings out to sister wife Robyn about being Kody’s ‘basement wife.’

Regardless of the reasons for her weight loss, Christine continues to move forward, sharing glimpses of her life with her kids and her business on social media.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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