Siesta Key spoiler: Is Kelsey Owens leaving?

Kelsey Owens on Siesta Key.
Kelsey Owens is considering moving out of Siesta Key. Pic credit: MTV

The new season of Siesta Key has already stirred up a lot of drama amongst the cast.

As Sam Logan and Juliette Porter’s breakup continues to play out for fans to see, the off-screen drama has revved up.

Juliette shares her reasons for leaving the relationship, and Sam continues to defend himself to her and others.

While Juliette is starting to find her independence and focus on her business, her friendship with Kelsey Owens continues to be in jeopardy.

Following last season, Juliette apologized to Kelsey for hitting her when they argued in the Grenadines, but their relationship hasn’t been the same since.

It seems that Kelsey is debating whether she wants to stay in Siesta Key in a sneak peek of tonight’s episode.

Is Kelsey Owens leaving Siesta Key?

A sneak peek of tonight’s episode shows Kelsey as she struggles with whether to stay in Siesta Key or if it’s time to move on to something different.

She confides in her good friend Madisson Hausburg about the possibility of moving to Los Angeles, where Madisson lives with her now-husband Ish Soto.

Kelsey has been in a serious relationship with her boyfriend, Max Strong, for a couple of years now. While he’s originally from Kentucky, he recently moved to Florida to be with her as their relationship has strengthened.

When Madisson asked Kelsey if she’d ever consider leaving Siesta Key, Kelsey responded, “It’s definitely something I’ve thought about a lot, but also it’s hard because Max just moved here. I just feel like more, and more recently, I have kind of been pushed out of the group. I don’t want it to be like that.”

Kelsey’s feeling of being ostracized from the group likely has to do with the drama between her and Juliette, both from the physical altercation on their vacation and their dueling swimsuit lines.

Will Siesta Key’s Kelsey Owens and Max Strong get engaged soon?

As Kelsey struggles with deciding where she wants to live, things between her and Max seem to be going more seriously.

Madisson even mentioned that she thought the two of them would be headed toward an engagement soon.

She said, “I feel like that’s the direction things are headed…Like you guys have been together for what, two years now?”

Kelsey’s future remains unclear, but it sounds like she has a lot to think about.

Fans should tune in to tonight’s episode of Siesta Key to find out if Kelsey plans to stick around or start over somewhere new.

Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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