Siesta Key: Juliette Porter speaks on Kelsey Owens’ firing ‘despite ups and downs’

Kelsey Owens and Juliette Porter of Siesta Key.
Siesta Key stars Juliette Porter and Kelsey Owens appear to have mended their friendship. Pic credit: @thekelseyowens/Instagram

Siesta Key star Juliette Porter has not always been on the best terms with her costar Kelsey Owens.

The two have gone back and forth between being the best of friends and even, at one point, enemies.

After they became hostile toward each other due to competing swimwear lines, things got bad during a fight on a cast trip to the Grenadines.

Juliette went as far as hitting Kelsey, and their relationship hasn’t been the same since.

However, despite all of the drama in their past, the two have seemed to be making amends during filming in Miami for the new season.

When Kelsey announced her unexpected firing from the show, Juliette even shared a heartwarming message with Kelsey and was supportive and caring toward her former best friend.

Siesta Key’s Juliette Porter shows support for Kelsey Owens amid firing

It’s not a secret that Juliette and Kelsey have had their fair share of battles with each other.

Fans have wondered if they’d ever truly get past their issues with each other, and it seems they finally have their answer.

Kelsey shared a post to social media announcing that she had been abruptly let go from the show. She was devastated by production’s decision and made it clear that she disagreed with how everything played out.

Several of her Siesta Key costars commented on the post to show their support and Juliette’s post, in particular, showed that she was ready to put their past behind them.

She wrote, “The crown may tilt but never falls!! we’ve made some amazing memories I’ll never forget despite the ups and downs. Love you forever [heart emoji] time to hop on the next roller coaster girl!! Just the beginning.”

Kelsey apparently shared similar feelings toward Juliette and was ready to let go of all of their drama.

She even went as far as to blame the show for most of the issues between them.

Kelsey replied, “thank you babe [heart emoji] The past is the past and I think most of our downs were because of the show so hopefully it can just be up from here with us♥️ love you.”

Juliette comments on Kelsey's post.
Pic credit: @thekelseyowens/Instagram

Kelsey Owens’ boyfriend Max Strong bashes the Siesta Key production team

As castmates shared their support for Kelsey, her boyfriend Max Strong chose to speak out about the way production handled Kelsey’s firing.

He accused them of being manipulative and of creating a hostile work environment.

He didn’t feel that they were acting as good people and shared a sense of relief to finally be free from them.

MTV did not comment on Max’s accusations, but it’s clear he and Kelsey hold a lot of ill will for how things went down.

It’s unknown how big of a role Kelsey will have in the new season, so Siesta Key fans should stay tuned for when it finally premieres.

Siesta Key is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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