Shep Rose ‘totally plagiarized’ his Southern Charm toast

Shep Rose at the Southern Charm reunion
Shep Rose gave a toast at the end of the Southern Charm reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

Southern Charm Season 9 was filled with ups and downs, with the biggest storyline featuring the quadrangle of Shep Rose, Taylor Ann Green, Olivia Flowers, and Austen Kroll.

It seemed to overtake the entire season at every turn, which also happened during the two-part reunion.

Shep had a tough season, especially after everything between Taylor Ann and Austen. They had broken up after Season 8 wrapped, and she was still angry with him during the Season 8 reunion and when Season 9 began filming.

While he didn’t necessarily show it throughout the season, it was brought to light during the reunion that Shep had some heartbreak over the sleepover at Austen’s house, where Taylor was hanging out.

Andy Cohen asked Shep to lead the toast as they closed the reunion, and surprisingly, he dished out some wisdom (even if he was wearing his tin foil hat).

Southern Charm fans enjoyed what he said, which was talked about repeatedly, leading Shep to come clean about his “plagiarized” toast.

Shep Rose admits he ‘totally plagiarized’ Southern Charm toast

On Instagram, Shep Rose shared a clip of his Southern Charm reunion toast (where the cast was all in tin foil hats) and revealed where he pulled the words from.

He wrote, in part, “So I asked to do the final toast at this year’s reunion. And got some good feedback on it. But, i feel I have to come clean. It’s totally plagiarized. And i want to footnote it properly (Chicago style ? Or is that pizza?).”

The idea that Shep used Randy Savage’s words is iconic in itself.

So many viewers were impressed with his words, and there was plenty of chatter.

Shep Rose revealed his new path

During the first part of the Southern Charm reunion, Shep Rose opened up about his relationship with alcohol.

Andy Cohen brought up his behavior at BravoCon just before the reunion filmed. Shep was blackout drunk all weekend, and he reminded him that Austen Kroll was there taking care of him and ensuring he didn’t look like a giant fool during their appearance on Watch What Happens Live from BravoCon.

It was a scary moment for Shep, who revealed to his costars he quit drinking hard liquor and moved to only beer. According to his buddies who appeared on Watch What Happens Live after part two of the reunion, that seemed to have stuck.

Shep also revealed that following filming of the Southern Charm Season 9 reunion, he spent some time in Costa Rica at a wellness retreat. He wants to get his life back in order, which will take time.

Whether Shep will return to Southern Charm next season remains to be seen, but it might be time for a break.

Southern Charm is currently on hiatus.

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