Southern Charm’s Olivia Flowers dubbed ‘mean girl’ as Madison LeCroy claps back

Olivia Flowers and Madison LeCroy up close
Olivia Flowers is being dubbed a “mean girl.” Pic credit: Bravo

Season 9 of Southern Charm has been a wild ride.

It ended with a two-part reunion, confirming that Olivia Flowers and Taylor Ann Green would not reconcile their friendship.

This season has two types of viewers: Team Olivia and Team Taylor.

There is no way around it, and that’s been made abundantly clear with the insinuations that Olivia is a “mean girl” and Taylor made a “mistake.”

Their drama took over the entire season, and now that it’s over, neither woman is with Austen Kroll — the one they were arguing about.

However, it should be noted that anyone who comes for Olivia on behalf of Taylor or is Team Taylor will have to deal with Madison LeCroy, too.

Madison LeCroy calls out ‘haters’

After wrapping Southern Charm and the reunion airing, there are varying opinions about Olivia Flowers and how she handled things with Taylor Ann Green.

Olivia shared a photo of herself on the reunion couch, and her comment section lit up.

Madison LeCroy popped in to defend her from the “haters.”

The Southern Charm star wrote, “You guys need to hush… you see a blimp of what actually happens. Remember this is a TV show. You haters in the comments calling her a mean girl makes you look like what? A f***ing weirdo who comments on people’s pictures that you’ve actually never met. 🤨”

Madison LeCroy's clap back
Madison defends Olivia. Pic credit: @oliviabflowers/Instagram

She isn’t here for the Olivia bashing; she made that abundantly clear. However, she didn’t write off Taylor completely. At the Season 9 reunion, she told her she would keep her at arm’s length.

Madison LeCroy and Olivia Flowers’ friendship

No one is more surprised about Madison LeCroy becoming the narrator of the show and the first one to settle down and get married while actively filming Southern Charm.

Here we are, though.

When she joined the cast, she was dating Austen Kroll. Things ended for them, and she moved on. The two blondes didn’t get off on the right foot when Olivia Flowers joined the cast last season. In fact, it seemed to be Madison and Venita Aspen against Olivia and Taylor Ann Green.

That changed, and Madison was there to back up Olivia when the back and forth happened between her and Taylor. Southern Charm has taught Madison a thing or two over the years, and she knows this group pretty well.

Madison and Olivia will give viewers something to discuss when the Bravo show returns.

Southern Charm is currently on hiatus.

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