Southern Charm’s Olivia Flowers sits in the hot seat over double standards

Olivia Flowers at the Southern Charm reunion
Olivia Flowers is in the hot seat. Pic credit: Bravo

As the Southern Charm Season 9 reunion ends, Olivia Flowers gets her turn in the hot seat.

The focus has been on her, Austen Kroll, Taylor Ann Green, and Shep Rose all season. The love quadrangle has taken over, and they are still hashing it out almost a full year later.

Olivia has played the role of jilted best friend and has put Taylor Ann’s feet to the coals — and she’s not wrong.

However, there has been talk about her moving past things where Austen is concerned — so why does he get a “pass?”

In her red dress and high ponytail, Olivia is put in the hot seat with Andy Cohen, asking why things with Taylor Ann differ from those with Austen.

And we can’t wait to hear her reasoning.

Rodrigo calls out Olivia Flowers

In the sneak peek for the Southern Charm Season 9 reunion, Olivia Flowers gets pushback from Charmer Rodrigo.

He wasn’t seen much throughout the season, but he was listening when he was there.

Olivia tells Taylor Ann Green she wasn’t trying to kick her while she was down, and Rodrigo came with the clapback, saying, “Girl, I watched you do it all the time.”

She responded that she never said one bad thing about Taylor Ann until recently when she realized Taylor Ann was saying stuff about her.

Are we all watching the same show?

Olivia Flowers expected more from Taylor Ann Green

Throughout the season, Olivia Flowers has been very clear about why things are different regarding Taylor Ann Green.

The two were best friends, and Taylor Ann knew that Olivia wanted to give things another shot with Austen Kroll following BravoCon 2022. Instead, her best friend and would-be boyfriend had a sleepover and shared a kiss (that’s their claim, though there is speculation that more happened).

Olivia tried to repair things with Taylor Ann, but her lies were a huge deterrent. But when Taylor lost her brother Worth, Olivia reached out and showed up for her.

And if the season didn’t prove what kind of friend Taylor Ann is, the first part of the Southern Charm reunion did. She alluded to Olivia’s secret, hinting she did something similar to a friend.

Olivia then admitted to sleeping with Thomas Ravenel. Taylor Ann seemed to think it happened while he was with Kathryn Dennis, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. The fiery redhead confirmed she and Olivia are still close, and what Taylor Ann did at the reunion didn’t change that.

Southern Charm airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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