Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald weighs in on who is to blame for Chrishell and Jason’s split

Mary Fitzgerald of Selling Sunset reveals her thoughts on Chrishell and Jason's breakup.
Mary Fitzgerald shares her thoughts on Chrishell and Jason’s split. Pic credit: Netflix

Selling Sunset has grown into one of the biggest reality shows on Netflix. It follows the world of luxury real estate and the dramatic lives of the realtors.

Since Season 5 of the show has been released, many members of the cast have been sharing their thoughts on the season’s biggest storylines.

Mary Fitzgerald has been vocal about the lives of her costars recently. She’s weighing in on some of their choices and how they’ve impacted working at the Oppenheim Group.

Mary shares her thoughts on Chrishell and Jason’s split

During an interview for the Domenick Nati Show, Mary was asked about the relationship between Chrishell and Jason, which is no longer intact.

Domenick got straight to the point and asked Mary who she thought was in the wrong and who caused them to split.

In response, Mary said, “No one was in the wrong. They were true to themselves.”

She went on to share that Chrishell knew she wanted to have a child, while Jason was not on the same page with those feelings. She said although it was a hard choice to make, the decision to separate was the right move.

Mary, who previously dated Jason and is close friends with Chrishell says many of their costars were sad about their breakup. Commenting again on their separation, Mary added, “there was no one to blame.” She believes the two simply just weren’t operating on the same timeline regarding their future plans.

Mary doesn’t have much to say about Chrishell’s new relationship

Recently, Chrishell revealed she has moved on from Jason and is now dating a singer by the name of G Flip. The Australian artist identifies as nonbinary and is reportedly already living with Chrishell in LA. The two have been spotted showing major displays of PDA and enjoying their budding romance.

Domenick attempted to pick Mary’s brain for her thoughts on Chrishell’s new love in the same aforementioned interview. He asked, “Did you suspect that Chrishell was bisexual, or did this come as a shock to everyone?” In response, Mary simply stated, “I will let her talk on that.”

Following that, she was asked if she thought the relationship between Chrishell and G Flip would be long-term or if she felt it was just a fling. Mary said, “If she’s happy, I hope it does [last]. If it’s something temporary, then I hope it’s something that leads her to whatever the next chapter is.”

As Mary shares her thoughts on her costar’s love life, she is also focusing on her own relationship. She revealed she has plans to freeze her eggs in preparation to start a family with her husband, Romain. With Seasons 6 and 7 of Selling Sunset planned, it is likely that fans will get a peek into Mary’s fertility journey as it unfolds.

Selling Sunset is currently streaming on Netflix.

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